Junior Surf Camps

JUNIOR SURF CAMPS - Lessons for young adults between 14 and 17

Surf Camp Spain

22 surf lessons/ week, 7-14 days accommodation, food, entertainment programme, and surf equipment.

Surf Camp Accommodation

Accommodation in tents, with 2 people sharing a 4-person sized tent. Upgrade available to sleep in luxurious glamping tent, complete with wooden floorboards.

Surf Camp Catering

3 fresh and healthy meals a day to fuel your surfing progress.

Surf Camp Yoga

Free yoga sessions, to complement your surfing. Improve your flexibility and relax your muscles.

Surf Camp Activities

Yoga, skating our own mini-ramp, volleyball, ping-pong, trampolining, hiking, football, basketball and much, much more!

Surf School and Surf Equipment

Large range of surf equipment, from boards, to wetsuits, to wax. We’ve got all you need!

Surf Lessons

Multilingual and licensed surf instructors. Maximum of eight students per instructor to ensure both quick progress and your safety. Lesson programme includes surf theory units.

Location and Beach Proximity

Beach and surf spots are in walking distance.

Surf Holidays

Runs 30th June – 1st September. For ages 14 – 17.

Transportation and Arrival

Bus transportation can be added to your booking. Cheap flights available from all over Europe. Shuttle service available from the nearby airports of San Sebastian, Biarritz, Bilbao and Bordeaux.

JUNIOR SURFCAMP SPAIN from 499 € Our top surf camp for surfers between 14 and 17 years

  • 7 days accommodation + surf course + catering
  • 22 hours surf course for surfers all level
  • Accommodation in 4 persons tents (only in twos)
  • Well-kept camping ground
  • Full-board
  • Sport and surf equipment for free
  • Trips to San Sebastian
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Our Junior Surf Camps in Spain is mostly for teenagers aged 14 to 17. We know that young people learn in a different way than adults. After all, they spend most of their time learning, be it at school, at home or through their social interactions. While kids are intuitive and take direction eagerly, adults are more apprehensive and often require more practice to learn something new. That’s why it takes longer for adults than for children: adults usually learn step by step and take time to get used to the new skill. Kids on the other hand, they leap fearlessly and learn quickly by trying new things and are fuelled by the excitement of success! 

Junior Surf CampsSurf Camps for young surfers

We believe the sooner you start certain kinds of sports, the bigger the chance of success. And this goes for surfing as well! 

No matter if you’ve never stood on a surfboard before or you’ve already caught plenty of waves in your lifePlanet Surf Camps is exactly the right place for you! Our Junior Surf camp in San Vicente de la Barquera in Spain is the perfect place to start your surfing adventure! You will learn to surf alongside other teens, or if you’ve surfed before, we’ll work on improving your skills. You can have an unforgettable week with other young surfers, work on your surfing skills and in your free time – get your competitive spirit show by playing soccer, basketball, ping-pong or skateboarding! 

Under 18Surfing for kids

The Junior Surf Camps are a pretty special place, where we teach surfing in the most fun ways possible. We are not a regular youth trip organizer, but we are the first European travel agency, which specialises in surfing. This means that we prioritise surfing above other activities and we ensure the quality of teaching with carefully chosen surf instructors, safe surf spots and a combination of theoretical and practical lessons. 

Planet Surf Camps Youth TravelsCamp Life in the Junior Camp

For many years we’ve successfully run our camps in FranceSpain and on the Canary Islands. We came up with the idea for Junior Surf Camps, because we wanted to offer high quality surf lessons for every age group. That's why we decided to open our first junior camp in Spain in summer 2013 and then proceeded to open our second junior camp in France in summer 2014. 

Surf Holidays for teens

In our opinion, besides surfing, these camps inspire teenagers’ consciousness for nature and the environment as we insist on eco-friendly behaviour at the camps. They also teach language skills and open-mindedness, because of the internationality of the guests at camp, which is a big part of the surf lifestyle. At Planet Surf Camps we want to pass on the love and passion for the sport and all the values that come along with it. 

We hope to welcome you soon in our Junior Surf Camps!

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