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Surf School Tenerife - the best place to learn surfing!

We’ve been surfing since we are little. Surfing has always been part of our lives. We love the ocean and the waves, of course. To us it is not only a kind of sport but it is a certain view of life, which we want to pass on to you. Our aim is to infect you with this lifestyle with that you want to stand on the board again and again – even it was a hard lesson. The biggest compliment for our surf school Tenerife is, if you know after your trip what to do in the water and continue with your skills.

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Apart from the fun factor and your personal success we attach a lot value on the technique in our surf school Tenerife. The right technique is very important to learn fast and effective and to stand on the board as soon as possible, the so-called “take off”. If you have learned it wrong once, it is more difficult to re-adapt. With that we teach you the “3-steps-rule”, without stand up with your knees – even if many other surf school teach this. You will have got the hang of it very soon!

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Furthermore our surf school Tenerife is a mobile surf school. This means you don’t have to come to our office, but we pick you up with our Planet Surf vans when we call again “Off to the next session!” to make a big profit of the perfect wave conditions we follow good waves, no matter if they are in the north or the south. Our offers here are in cooperation with Altantik Surf and Eco Island Living. 

The biggest priority in our surf school Tenerife is your safeness for us. With that you can feel safe and comfortable in the water, we only hire well-educated and licensed surf teachers, who also have a lifeguard license. We attach big value on the experience of our surf instructors and that they know what matters in surfing and everything around it!