Surf Rental Tenerife

Surf Rental Tenerife - Surf board rentel ans Surf equipment in Tenerife

Of course, like in every Planet Surf camp, you can rent all our surf equipment (boards and high quality wetsuits) for free. We provide softboards on the one hand, but also hardboards on the other hand, which are available in almost every size and shape. Our surfinstructors help you to choose the right board for you. Boards are not all the same and the use of them depends on your weight, size and level:

  • Malibus: for beginners and light intermediate surfers; they are about 9 feet long and it is easer to surf a wave and hold the balance
  • Funboards: also for beginners, as well as for intermediate surfers; there are a little bit bigger and thicker and it excuses mistakes more than a minimalibu or a shortboard; furthermore it is easier to paddle with it

In general a shortboard is more for intermediate and advanced surfer because it has less buoyancy, you need more power to paddle and it is harder to hold the balance

But there are also many shortboards, which differ in construction and have different features. We have for you:

  • Minimalibus: they are similar to longboards, but they are a little bit shorter and with that more maneuverable
  • Shortboards: mainly used from intermediates and they are between 6-7 feet long
  • Fish: they are shorter again. The tail resembles a fish fin where the name comes from

If you are of no use with all these terms, never mind all the differences between the boards, we have a little introduction about the most important facts of surf boards   for you.

At first, every board has a “core material”, which is hard foam. With that there are different coatings like polyester- or epoxy saturated fiberglass.

To make the boards lighter and raise their buoyancy many boards have a core which is filled with helium. There are some boards which are produced with balsa wood, they are lighter because they have a polystyrene core.

The so-called “stringer” is a thin plywood string, which is build into the board diagonally and with that it guarantees stability. Furthermore it balances the weight, which prevents that the board breaks.

Through different sorts of wax you have stability on the board and you do not slide from the board.


These basics can be very helpful and you understand what happens to you and your board in the ocean. Of course, also our surf instructors will help you with further questions!