Food Tenerife

Food Tenerife

In our Planet Surf camp in Tenerife we do not provide food, it is a self-catering camp. But don’t worry, you do not have to die of starvation.

There are different opportunities to stuff your face:

Of course, our accommodation has a small kitchen unit, which is full equipped with that you can oblige with your culinary skills. Because you are in the Canary Islands you could try a typical national dish for instance – of course, you get all the ingredients in the supermarkets close to your place.  

Restaurants in TenerifeBarbecue in the campCommon dinner

Who wants to relax in his or her surf trip and who is not in the mood to swing the wooden spoon can go to the countless restaurants and enjoy different dishes: no matter if Spanish, Canarian, Italian, Chinese, Japanese… here everyone can acquire a taste for something.

We would like to show you our favorite restaurants for great culinary experiences!