Terms and Conditions

General Terms & Conditions

Wy Europe S.L. is a tour operator. The organizer of a booked journey or tourist service in each case results from the tender, it is also named in the booking confirmation again as an organizer.

Terms and Conditions of Wy Europe S.L. as tour operator

These conditions govern the legal relationship between the Wy Europe S.L. and the customer if and to which extent the Wy Europe S.L. itself acts as tour operator.

1. Booking of the trip / travel requirements for the participants / contract

 With the travel registration (booking) the customer of Wy Europe S.L. offers binding on the conclusion of a travel contract. The minimum age for participating in a holiday with Wy Europe S.L. is 18 years. For guests who have not yet completed their 18th birthday at the beginning of the journey, the written consent of the parent or guardian is required and submitted with the travel registration.

 The conference organized by the Wy Europe S.L. provide due to their sporty character increased demands on fitness and health. The customer should make this decision prior to his booking conscious and are looking in doubt, advice.

1.3 The travel contract is only concluded when the Wy Europe S.L. received the customer a corresponding booking confirmation as a PDF or in any other written form. On his journey registration the customer but no longer than 14 days from receipt of the application is pending the adoption by Wy Europe S.L., tied with this.

 Changing or supplementary agreements to the advertised by Wy Europe S.L. – see paragraph 17 – or these travel conditions require an explicit agreement with the Wy Europe S.L., which should be taken for reasons of proof in writing. Service providers (eg transport companies) and promoting travel agencies are not authorized to make contradictory or supplementary agreements.

2. Bringing additional services through Wy Europe S.L.

If in addition to a contract concluded with Wy Europe S.L. travel contract expressly in foreign name travel programs or individual tourist services of other providers (eg flights, car hire etc.) conveys, as far as, the intermediary conditions of Wy Europe S.L. The conclusion of the arranged contract and its contents is subject to the relevant legal provisions and, where applicable under the terms of the respective contractual partner, provided that these are included as part of the contract.

3. Data Protection / Executive carriers

3.1 The captured due to the registration data of travelers are used exclusively for the processing of travel and customer care. On the right of appeal pursuant to § 28 Abs.4 Federal Data Protection Act should be noted, is sufficient short message to the address indicated at the end of the conditions.

 The EC Regulation no. 2111 from 14/12/05 committed tour operators, travel agents and intermediaries of transport contracts, travelers to teach before the relevant air transport on the identity of each operating airline, once this is fixed. If this is not yet the case when booking, first the likely operating airline must be specified. In the operating airline change after booking, the customer shall be informed immediately.

 The current list of air carriers, issued an operating ban within the EU (blacklist) can be found on the website ec.europa.eu/transport/air-ban/list_de.htm

4. Services / luggage restriction

4.1 The contracted services arising from the confirmation of the Wy Europe S.L. See Section 1.3, which refers to the underlying invitation to tender under the contract the customer. Any special arrangements (see. Section 1.4) shall take precedence.

 Luggage is transported at the normal scope. This means per person maximum of one suitcase and one piece of hand luggage. The maximum baggage dimensions are 80 x 40 x 40 cm. Hard suitcases can not be transported.

 The implementation on the ground of offered trips is subject to the achievement of the time laid down for the trip minimum number of participants.

 If the customer individual travel services for reasons not to claim that are not the responsibility of the Wy Europe S.L., there is no claim to a pro rata refund of the price. If these services are not entirely irrelevant, the Wy Europe S.L. will endeavor at the service providers for reimbursement expenses not incurred.

5. Payment of the travel price / payment

 All payments on the travel price shall be made only upon receipt of the reservation guarantee voucher within the meaning of § 651 k Abs. 3 BGB, this stays with the customer with the booking confirmation. If he is missing, is asked for information.

5.2 The payment is due 28 days prior to departure, if no other arrangements have been made in the contract.

5.3 Cancellation compensation and insurance premiums are due immediately.

6. Price Changes

6.1 The Wy Europe S.L. is entitled to increase the travel price if unpredictably increase for them after the contract price components mentioned below due to circumstances or newly arise, which are not the responsibility of the Wy Europe S.L.: Exchange rates for the booked trip; Transportation costs (especially in the case in oil prices); Port or airport charges; Security fees in connection with the carriage; Entry, residence and public entrance fees. The price increase is, however, permissible only if there are more than four months between contract conclusion and the start of the journey.

 The price can be increased only by the amount which corresponds to the sum of all occurring after conclusion of the contract amount-related increases referred to in paragraph 6.1 price components of the travel booked. Insofar as relevant cost increases relate to a tour group as a unit, they are first allocated to the individual traveler. Depending on which calculation for the customer is more favorable, while the originally calculated number of participants or the actual number of participants expected will be applied. The Wy Europe S.L. is obliged to prove on request reasons and extent of the price increase.

 The Wy Europe S.L. has a possible price increase immediately prior to departure at the latest on the 21st day to tell.

6.4 Increases the travel price by more than 5%, the customer is entitled to withdraw from the contract without payment of compensation. Instead, the participation in at least an equivalent other journey from the offer of Wy Europe S.L. may be required, provided that the Wy Europe S.L. can offer this at no extra charge. Cancellation or request a replacement trip must be declared immediately.

7. Withdrawal in failure to achieve the minimum number of participant

Is in the tour or in other documents, the contract became, set a minimum number of participants, so can the Wy Europe S.L. resign not later than 29 days prior to departure from the contract if the minimum number of participants is not reached. The customer can request in this case, the participation in another journey from the offer by Wy Europe S.L., provided that these can be offered at no extra cost from the Wy Europe S.L.

8. Cancellation prior to departure / rebooking

The customer can withdraw from the booked trip at any time before the start of the trip. In this case, Planet Surf may demand an appropriate compensation.

The decisive factor for calculating the cancellation fees is the receipt of the declaration of withdrawal (in written form) by Planet Surf.

  • up to the 30th day before the start of the trip 30% of the travel price per person
  • up to the 22nd day before the start of the trip 40% of the travel price per person
  • up to the 15th day before the start of the trip 50% of the travel price per person
  • up to the 8th day before the start of the trip 70% of the travel price per person
  • from the 7th day before the start of the trip 80% of the travel price per person
  • If you do not start the trip without prior notice of cancellation: 90% of the travel price per person.

The date for calculating the deadline is the date of the cancellation's receipt.

The customer is recommended to take out travel cancellation insurance. The withdrawal itself can generally take place without any form. However, the organizer recommends that this be done in writing for reasons of proof.

Rebooking are generally only possible by withdrawing from the contract under the conditions mentioned above and registering a new book at the same time. In individual cases, a rebooking can be agreed upon for a rebooking fee of €25 per person. The prerequisite for any rebooking is the availability of the service.

9. Unused services

If the traveller doesn't take individual or entire travel services (eg surf lessons) due to an early return, or for other reasons, there will be no reimbursement of the equivalent value. If a partial service (sports offers, excursions, etc.) cannot or only partially be provided due to the weather, this does not entitle the participant to a reimbursement of the proportionate travel price, unless Planet Surf has saved costs due to the cancellation.
Participants who book surf courses in Fuerteventura are responsible for ensuring when booking that they choose the correct number of course days. Planet Surf expressly points out that there is a minimum number of participants for surf lessons on the weekends. If this minimum is not reached there are no lessons on the weekend and the booked classes will be rescheduled. Planet Surf is not responsible to check all bookings for their correctness. Please take into account that surf lessons on arrival and departure days are not always possible for logistical and time reasons. That's why you can't take lessons on the arrival day. On the departure day only, if you depart after 19.00H. Planet Surf does not refund any costs due to incorrect bookings (e.g. course units that fall on the days of arrival, departure or Sundays) on the part of the customer. However, a voucher can be granted for the unused services.

10. Termination through Wy Europe S.L. from behavioral reasons

The Wy Europe S.L. may terminate the travel contract without notice if the customer persistently disturbs despite a warning through Wy Europe S.L. the journey or at risk or if it violates the contract to such an extent that immediate termination of the contract is justified. Announces the Wy Europe S.L., so it retains its claim to the tour price, but the value of the saved expenses and the benefits must be credited, they accrue through alternative utilization of unused capacity, including their refunded by the service providers ,

11. rights and obligations of the tour guide

11.1 The respective travel agency or line of Wy Europe S.L. has been commissioned during the trip, notifications of defects and remedy claims to receive and to take remedial action, if this is possible or necessary. It is not authorized or empowered to accept claims for loss or damages with effect against the Wy Europe S.L. or accept such claim positions.

11.2 A cancellation of the travel contract through Wy Europe S.L. (eg. case of force majeure) can be expressed also by the tour guide or camp management for Wy Europe S.L., these people are so far authorized through Wy Europe S.L.

12. Obligations and rights of travelers with inadequate travel

12.1 If the trip is not provided with the contract, the traveler may demand relief. The Wy Europe S.L. can refuse the remedy if it requires disproportionate effort.

12.2 Does the Wy Europe S.L. is not within a specified by the traveler reasonable time the remedy offered, this may itself remedy the situation and demand reimbursement of necessary expenses. The deadline is unnecessary if a remedy is denied or immediate remedy is warranted by special interest of the traveler.

12.3 For the duration of a non-contractual travel performance, the customer can make a claim for a reduction of the price (reduction) contends. This claim does not apply if the traveler culpably omits to report the defect.

 If due to a defect, the journey gets serious, or therefore the traveler, the journey or its continuation for cause unreasonable, the customer may terminate the travel contract in accordance with statutory requirements. Previously, the traveler has to set a reasonable period for remedial action. The deadline is unnecessary if a remedy is impossible, is refused by the tour operator or immediate termination of the contract by a special interest is justified.

 To direct demand for redress and defects concerning organized by Wy Europe S.L. travel to the tour guide or camp management. To the extent possible and reasonable, they should be addressed to the Wy Europe S.L. directly (contact details at the end of the conditions).

13. Limitations of Liability of Wy Europe S.L.

13.1 The contractual liability towards the passenger for compensation for damages which are not physical injuries, is limited to three times the travel price, as far as
a) damage to the traveler is neither gross negligence nor deliberately or
b) is liable for the Wy Europe S.L. for damage incurred by the traveler solely through the fault of a service provider.

13.2 The liability of Wy Europe S.L. towards the passenger for damages for tort is, save as regards personal injury or based on intent or gross negligence, limited to three times the travel price of the traveler concerned.

14. Damage and loss of baggage

When luggage loss or damage must be reported also to the carrier immediately, as international agreements and legal provisions additional limitation periods included (in addition to those mentioned in these conditions). The transport company is to with written certification committed (eg during air transport. B. as “Los Report” means). Customers are advised to pay attention to the preservation of such a document and store it carefully.

15. Passport, visa and health regulations

 The information about such provisions by Wy Europe S.L. upon booking refers to the state at this time for German citizens of EU leaders by the tour is offered for reservation without consideration of personal circumstances, as far as no specific details were provided.

It is expressly pointed out that any time there is the possibility of a subsequent amendment of those provisions. The Wy Europe S.L. will seek within your means to inform the traveler of any changes in time as possible. The traveler, however, suggested itself to follow the news media in order to adapt quickly to any changes.

 The traveler should be informed in time about infections and vaccinations as well as other prophylaxis measures; if necessary, medical advice should be sought about thrombosis and other health risks. General information is available from public health departments, travel medicine experienced doctors, travel medicine information services or the Federal Centre for health education.

If for the traveler because of those rules difficulties that prevent or interfere with his participation in the trip, the customer is therefore not entitled to free withdrawal from the travel contract. A prerequisite is that the Wy Europe S.L. is prepared for its part to provide the service in the situation and and these difficulties are not caused by Wy Europe S.L. Mutual claims in the event of default attributable to remain unaffected insofar as the liability limitations do not interfere with these Booking Conditions.

16. Insurance

In particular, the Wy Europe S.L. recommends the conclusion of a trip cancellation insurance and insurance to cover the repatriation costs in case of accident or illness.

17. Claim position, deadline, limitation

17.1 Contractual claims due to total or partial non-performance or poor provision of travel services must submit the traveler within a month after the contractually agreed end of the journey of Wy Europe S.L. against under the specified conditions at the end of the address. Only when no failure to observe the time-limit arises, an assertion of claims after the deadline is possible.

17.2 The referred to in section 16.1 Claims of the traveler expire after one year, unless that affects claims for bodily injury or claims which are based on intent or gross negligence. Such contractual claims expire in two years. The period begins with the day on which the journey should end according to the contract.

18. Validity of tender information

The tender may only consider the pressure or update timing stationary conditions and unfortunately printing errors can also occur with the utmost care. Therefore, changes to the tender remain reserved up to the looking to the Treaty Final Declaration of the Wy Europe S.L.

19. Special Covid-19

· Each unvaccinated participant, must show a negative PCR test when boarding the bus / at check-in, this must not be older than 48H when crossing the border and not older than 72H in the camp when checking in

· Fully vaccinated participants (with a vaccine recognized by the destination country, fully vaccinated for more than two weeks) must have an officially valid vaccination certificate with them and also have a negative antigen test from an official test center (no self-tests) not older than 48 hours (should travel with the bus, the test must not be older than 48H both when boarding the bus and when checking in at the camp)

· FFP2 masks must be worn on the bus and in the camp, the participant / tutor is responsible for bringing at least 2 FFP2 masks per day, this is required by the French state

· If a participant is tested positive for Covid despite compliance with all safety regulations and hygiene measures on site, the parents undertake to pick up their child as soon as possible at their own expense. In such a case, the organizer Planet Surfcamps assumes neither liability nor any costs resulting therefrom (e.g. travel costs, test costs, quarantine costs, etc.)

· The organizer Planet Surfcamps expressly points out that it is advisable to take out travel insurance including Covid protection (e.g. at Hanse Merkur) to cover any costs, e.g. to cover in the event of illness, interruption or before departure, etc.

· The same (the organizer) also points out that it is the responsibility of the legal guardian to check and know the applicable entry regulations on the return journey. Planet Surfcamps is not responsible for the implementation, organization and assumption of costs for any Covid tests that are required for the return trip of the participant. In any case, costs for Covid tests are to be borne by the participants

· Planet Surfcamps does not organize airport transport, you have to organize it yourself or book it through our partner westcoasttransfers.com (see info on the homepage)

· Planet Surfcamps (the organizer) adopts these new regulations to the best of their knowledge and belief in accordance with the French and Spanish Covid regulations. The organizer is aware that the additional security measures could be disadvantageous for our customers. They are introduced to increase the security on site for all participants and the staff in the camp.

· The legal tutors are responsible for making the participants aware of and explaining the content of the "Terms and Conditions" and the importance of compliance with the Covid protection and security measures on site and on the bus



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