Surf school El Cotillo Fuerteventura

Surf school El Cotillo + surf courses

Surf school El Cotillo

1 surf session = 3 hours in the water + the round trip to the beach.

Surf school El Cotillo + surf equipment rental

Wide range of first class surf equipment available for rent at El Cotillo surf school.

Surf courses

Multilingual and licensed surf instructors go with groups of maximum 8 people to different surf spots to learn surfing.

Surf spots

In the surf courses you always go to the spots where the waves are at their best.

Location + parking lots

The El Cotillo surf school is located right at the beginning of El Cotillo and is opposite the soccer stadium and the HiperDino. We also have good parking facilities.

Fuerteventura has pleasantly warm temperatures throughout the year. With its almost endless beaches, numerous reefs and excellent waves, the island is able to make the heart of every surfer beat faster. Especially the north of the island offers surfers optimal conditions, which is why we have also settled here with our surf school El Cotillo. Since the island is quite narrow, the west, east and north coast are very close to each other, which makes it easy to get from one surf spot to another. So every surfer - beginner, intermediate or advanced - will find his perfect wave.

The surf school El Cotillo has set itself the goal to improve and optimize your surfing as much as possible, which is why we go to the best spots on the island every day. Especially the beautiful sandy beach of El Cotillo is suitable for beginners and newcomers who want to discover the fascination of surfing for themselves. Further north, on the Northshore of Fuerteventura, there are also many exciting spots where intermediate and advanced surfers can have fun and improve their surfing.

The surf school El Cotillo goes to the best spotsSurf school El Cotillo: a lot of fun is guaranteed! Surf school El Cotillo: Here you learn everything step by step!Surf school El Cotillo: A warm-up is always important!Surf school El Cotillo: wave-check!

Surf courses of the surf school El Cotillo

We, the founders of the El Cotillo surf school, come from the Canary Islands ourselves and grew up by the sea and virtually on the surfboard. We know the area and the spots like the back of our hand and know exactly what is important for surfing and surf lessons. This also allows us to find exactly the right spots that will bring you closer to your goals. So you get step by step to a higher level.

Surf school El Cotillo: Beginner surf lessons

You've been dreaming of learning how to surf for a long time, then the beginner courses at El Cotillo surf school are just right for you!

Here we make you very familiar with the material, so that you can surf on the white crests of foam towards the beach after a short time. You will never forget the feeling of standing on the board for the first time!

The sandy beach of El Cotillo is exactly the right spot for you, as it is especially suitable for beginners. But if it gets a bit too wild there, we will take you to the east coast to Playa Blanca, Playa del Moro or Flag Beach.

Surf school El Cotillo: Intermediate surf courses

The intermediate surf courses are for surfers who are already familiar with the sea and the board and now want to get to the next level. Here you will learn to surf your first unbroken waves and maybe even your first turns. Our surf instructors are all extremely good surfers themselves and are guaranteed to have many good tips in store for you, so that you can always get a little closer to your goal.

El Cotillo Surf School: Advanced Surf Courses

In the advanced surf course we teach surfers who are able to surf green waves safely and usually also at an angle and who feel comfortable in waves up to 1.50 meters. We will take you to spots that suit your skills and where efficient coaching is possible. So you should be able to improve your surfing during your stay, thanks to our valuable advice, and bit by bit become better surfers.

Besides the fun in the water, which is of course very important to us, safety is our top priority - you must always feel safe and in good hands in the water. Besides the fact that all our surf instructors have years of experience and surf at the highest level themselves, they are also all lifeguards.

For safety reasons and also so that the students can be given optimal assistance, the instruction groups consist of a maximum of 8 surfers.

El Cotillo Surf School: Private Surf Courses

Family as well as children courses are available on request. Family courses consist of a minimum of 3 people.

El Cotillo surf school: a quiet momentSurf school El Cotillo: Correct introductions are very important to us!Surf school El Cotillo: Take-off exercises on the beachEl Cotillo surf school: making friendsEl Cotillo surf school: clear instructions

Surf school El Cotillo: Surf equipment rental

If you want to hunt for good waves on your own, you can rent surf equipment at the surf school El Cotillo.

Surf school El Cotillo: Location and parking lots

Our surf school is located directly at the beginning of El Cotillo and is opposite the HiperDino and the soccer stadium. Directly at the surf school El Cotillo there are also good parking possibilities.

If you have booked surf lessons with us, we will pick you up directly at your hotel or accommodation on the way to the surf spots.

For many years we have also been running various surf camps in the south of France - Le Pin Sec (Bordeaux) and Vieux Boucau - and northern Spain with great success.

Your satisfaction is our highest goal and biggest wish!

We are looking forward to meeting you!