Vegan Surf Camp

Vegan Surf Camp - For an Healthy Body and an Ecofriendly Surfing

Vegan Food in Our Surf Camp in Le Pin Sec

Are you vegan or are interested in trying a vegan food menu? Our surf camp in Le Pin Sec, France, now provides the option of vegan food.

We’re not exclusively a vegan surf camp, as we offer vegetarian and meat options too, but we love diversity and good food. Enjoy your surf holiday with the perfect mix of great waves, vegan food and loads of open-minded people!

Vegan Surf CampVegan Food

Fresh and Healthy

Meals are cooked from fresh each day in our in-camp kitchen. Our experienced surf camp chefs prepare your breakfast and dinner with great care and not only offer vegetarian but also vegan options. Additionally, if you have any allergies or intolerances these can be accommodated too. Our chefs ensure that the food they serve is not only delicious but that it provides you with enough energy to meet the demands of surfing. Moreover, if you are interested in learning to cook some new vegan dishes, our chefs would be more than happy to welcome you into the kitchen.

Vegan und Surfen

Vegan and a surfer? Great combo! Thinking about the environment is an important topic for most surfers and doesn’t only include caring about the ocean and the beaches, but also about other issues including sustainability and nutrition. Read in our blog how to reduce your plastic usage whilst at surf camp. A lot of surfers are vegetarian or vegan whilst enjoying the relaxed surfer lifestyle!

At our surf camp in Le Pin Sec you can book 12 or 22 hours of surf lessons per week. In small groups of a maximum of 8 people you’ll be taught by licensed and experienced surf instructors who will also teach you some surf theory too. The small group size guarantees you individual attention and your safety in the water. Surf lessons are taken in groups with others of similar surf ability.

Healthy foodFueling up for surfing

Vegan Pro Surfers

A lot of famous surfers now follow a vegan diet. Kelly Slater set out on a vegan challenge in the new year of 2018 and posted on Instagram that he felt so good that he would probably continue to eat vegan. Furthermore, several pro surfers, including John John Florence and Tia Blanco, have been eating vegan for several years already. If would seem that health conscious nutrition pays off in the line up!

Healthy and tastySurf Camp in Le Pin Sec

Vegan Surf Camp in Le Pin Sec

Our comfortable and laid-back camp in Le Pin Sec lies amongst a pine forest, just metres from the beach. All that divides our camp from the surf is a brief walk over the sand dunes. In Le Pin Sec you’ll be accommodated in comfort in glamping-style tents complete with mattresses and wooden floorboards. There’s plenty of sun and sand, as well as more shaded chill-out areas to relax in, and there’s also a beach volleyball court awaiting you.

What’s more, when you’re not surfing or relaxing on the beach, the surrounding area of Le Pin Sec makes for a lovely place to go longboarding. Additionally, there are free yoga lessons every day.

Next to the camping ground you can find a small supermarket, surf shop, kiosk, restaurant and bar.