Surf Holiday

Surf holiday with Planet Surf - for beginners up  to professionals

Lying on the beach during vacation? Sight-seeing trip?  And during Winter? Of course, snowboarding in the mountains! But it does not have to be like that. Why not trying something else and spend vacation with much fun and action? Therefore surf holiday is the best option.

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A surf holiday is always special. Not only that you have many different opportunities for accomondations – in tents, surfhouse or in private apartments – you also spend a lot of time with birds of a feather who share the same kind of hobby and you can daily exchange your progress and experiences.

Furthermore we have offers for every wallet: staying in a tent, surf trips where you jump directly from a boat with your board into the ocean till trips to private surfresorts at the Gold Coast.

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Although we all want to get the same: the perfect wave. Nevertheless eveyone has different requirements and wishes.

The best surfspots in Europe are located at the atlantic coast. Because of this we pitched our camps here. No matter where: France, Spain or in Fuerteventura. We guarantee an awesome surf holiday where you can expect us more than just boring lessons with theoretical parts.

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Our camps and our team is our home and our family. You will notice fast that you are part of us: no matter weather we are having breakfast together the first time, during the surflessons, when we relax together on the beach or party all night long. It´s never boring and you will never feel lonley!

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Another great thing is that not only big groups (like school classes) can come to our camp but also single travelers are our guests, who (and this experience we have made as well) cultivate their “camp-friendships” since years. Sport connects! An excellent option for a surf holiday is also a familytrip: Kids can tomp around with profesional advices in the water during the day and share a hobby with their parents.

As you can see: Surf holiday has only advantages but you should convince yourself from that on your own.

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Planet Surfcamps offers you this the whole year because even our camps in France and Spain are only open during summer our camp in Fuerteventura  - island of eternal spring  - offers you the opportunity to surf all year long.