Surfcamp Gran Canaria

Surfcamp Gran Canaria

Perfect waves on one of the most diverse islands of the Canaries

The island Gran Canaria, which is part of the canarian archipelago off the coast of Morocco in the Atlantic Ocean, is the perfect destination for a surfholiday. Even though politically, the island belongs to Spain, it lies on the continent of Africa. Therefore, the weather is good all year around. It is the perfect destination for everyone looking for the eternal spring or who just needs a break from the European winter! Among numerous reefs due to the islands vulcanic origin and beautiful sandy beaches, you will always find the right surf spot for your abilities. So, our Surfcamp Gran Canaria is the right place for a surftrip 365 days a year! Advanced surfers travel to the island especially between October and March when the winter swell hits the island. Beginners can choose from different spots all year long.

Surfcamp Gran Canaria directly in Las Palmas

Our surfschool in Gran Canaria is located directly in Las Palmas, the biggest city of the Canary Islands. Las Palmas is in the north-east of the island. You can not only find cultural highlights such as the Centro Atlántico de Arte Moderno or the Cathedral Santa Ana here, but also stroll through little shops, tapas bars, cafés and a vibrant nightlife. The city is located right infront of a peninsula and therefore surrounded by the ocean on both sides. While on the west side you can find different beaches, like the 2 km long Playa Canteras, and surf spots, the harbour Puerto de la Luz, one of the biggest harbours in the Atlantic, is located in the east.

Our Surfcamp Gran Canaria is for everyone

Located directly in the city, there are surfspot for every level. - for example La Cicer, a beach break where you can find the right peak for every level, or the reef La Barra directly infront of Canteras Beach in the city center. In Las Palmas, you can reach a few spots on foot and barrell-hungry surfers can find one of the best righthanders in Europe at El Confital. And these are only the more famous spots in the city itself - aside from these, there are many hidden and unknown bays and breaks. Our experienced surf instructors know all the spots and conditions very well and will help you find the right spot for you.

A lot to see in our Surfcamp Gran Canaria

Besides surfing, Gran Canaria has a lot to offer and is therefore the perfect holiday destination. Go snorkling or diving to explore the colorful underwater world with Parrotfish, Octopuses and Rays! While you can easily lose yourself in the little shops and cafés of the historical center Vegueta, you can also explore the surrounding nature. From the nature reserve La Isleta, which is located on the peninsula right next to the city, you can enjoy a wonderful view over the city or the ocean and the coastline, no matter if you are driving around by car or just going for a hike. More in the center of the island, you'll find the Caldera de Banamada, which is definitely worth a visit due to its colorful vegetation and unique viewpoints!

See for yourself how beautiful and versatile Gran Canaria is. You can find everything from desert in the south, green mountains and forests and numerous surf spots to beautiful sandy beaches on this island! We are looking forward to welcoming you at our Surfcamp Gran Canaria!