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Wave riding is a term rarely used in the world of water sports these days. The sport is commonly known as “surfing”, but since there are so many other sports also involving the very same term, using it can sometimes lead to confusion and misunderstandings.

Let´s take a closer look at kitesurfing. It is one of the youngest watertrendsports; the surfer rides a small board, either similar to a wakeboard or a surfboard used for wave riding. He is pulled over the water by a stunt kite. The kiter needs a fair amount of wind to carry out his sport, because without wind the kite won´t fly and the small kiteboards don´t have enough boost to carry the athlete.

Windsurfing is one of the oldest watersports and over the years it has established around the world.
The surfer uses a sail which is directly connected to the board but can be tilted and turned all directions. With the right wind conditions and enough skill, the surfer is able to do spectacular tricks in air and water.

To learn wave riding you don´t need that much equipment; A board and a leash (which connects the surfer to his board) are enough to get into the water. Unlike the other two sports you don´t need wind for surfing. When the surfer sees a wave approaches, he begins to paddle with the intention to catch the wave. Once in it, the power of the wave is enough to keep you going. As soon as the wave is touching the board the surfer stands up (“takeoff”) and controls the board trough weight shift.

Everybody is able to learn surfing. But it´s not only about lying on your board and start paddling when you see a wave approaches.  To not expose yourself to an unnecessary risk concerning current, waves and tides, it is wise to claim the help of a qualified surfinstructor when you are taking your first steps on the board. The right technique is crucial about how fast and if you advance on your board.

The surfinstructors can also help you choosing the right equipment and mostly the surfschools have the right board for you in store. Besides choosing the board, the selection of the beach is also crucial for your learning. Licensed surfinstructors surely have an eye for that and will also give you tip on how to behave towards other surfers at the beach and in the water.

nice evening at the beach

There are lots of things to mind while learning to surf. Some things come to you with experience, others can be brought to you by your surf instructor in class.

One thing is clear: the fun should never be neglected. That´s why you should learn surfing in a surfcamp where you can share your passion with other people.

Learning to surf with Planet Surfcamps unites all these factors: effective learning with qualified instructors you are going to have fun with in every single lesson!