Surf School Vieux Boucau

Surf School Vieux Boucau – learn to surf at the Atlantic

It is our philosophy to arrange our lessons as practical as possible in our surf school Vieux Boucau. Of course, it is important to us to pass on you the fun of this sport, but the learning progress and the safety are uppermost. Also the technique is very important because if you learn it wrong at the beginning, it is very hard to correct your mistakes afterward. At Planetsurf surf school Vieux Boucau you will learn the 3-step rule of the takeoff from the beginning and we keep an eye on you, that you will not try to stand up by using your knees. Maybe it is harder to learn the right takeoff at the beginning, but you will have much more success later. This ensures that you will be able to stand up correctly on the board after a few days.

Successful take off in the surf school Vieux BoucauSurf school Vieux BoucauIntermediate Surfer surf school Vieux Boucau

Our aim is it to give you an understanding of the fascination of surfing and that you might be able to identify yourself with this wonderful sport. Finally, we want you to go surfing after your stay in our camp, that you will have fun but still know, what you are doing out there and have a healthy respect for the sea. You know, first of all your safety counts, but it is also important, that you are not dangerous for others and know the rules. These we teach in our surf school Vieux Boucau. 

We're ready!Fun in the lesson

All our surf instructors are not only very good and experienced surfers who wants to share their knowledge with passion, but are also well educated and have one of the worldwide acknowledged licences (FES, DWV, ISA, BSA, FCS) and they are life-guards, too. That is the difference between us and other surfschools, because for us it is very important that our instructors have the best education and are very good surfers. One more final advice: That´s one factor you should take into account when picking a surfschool!

Fun while surfing at the surf school Vieux BoucauSurf school Vieux BoucauPreparing the board in the surf school Vieux Boucau

We, the founders of Planetsurf, grew up in the Canary Islands and our life is linked to the sea. That´s why we know what’s important in the surfing matter and our surf school Vieux Boucau contains these aspects.