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Planet Surf Camps France - Surf Camp Guide, Travel Tips, and Highlights of the Country

When it comes to surfing, France is one of Europe’s hotspots. The French coast offers up endlessly long beaches with countless surf breaks, unspoilt nature, a vibrant nightlife and the laid-back summer surfing vibe. It’s the ideal place for a summer surf trip! Check out our guide on France’s surf regions, surf camps, climate and all else in between!

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Surf Camp Le Pin Sec

Planet Surf Camps in France and Surf Schools

The Planet Surf Camps in France are in Le Pin Sec, Vieux Boucau and Moliets. France has plenty to offer for everybody. The fresh scent of the pine forest, endless sand beaches, perfect waves, healthy food, cool trips and unforgettable party nights – all of that awaits you at the surf camp in France. We will offer you certain activities in which you can participate but in the end, you’re free to do whatever you like.

You can improve your surf skills ashore with our surf skateboards, have fun at the ping pong table, slackline or volleyball net. In all our camps, we offer yoga classes. Our instructors show you relaxing exercises, positions to improve you surf skills and stabilize your muscles. It’s essential to us that teamers and surf instructors are an important part of your vacation. They do not only keep the camp clean, care for the meals and oversee your surf classes but they’re also there for you in times of trouble, give you tips for activities and enjoy fun evenings with you.

Way to the beach

Surf Camp Le Pin Sec

If you want to spend relaxing surf holidays right next to a conservation area and an endlessly long sand beach you should go to the surf camp in Le Pin Sec. This camp is our most laid-back camp. You’re in the middle of nature and you can enjoy the advantages of empty line-ups and deserted beaches. Moreover, we offer you Glamping. Glamping means Glamour Camping so you will sleep in luxurious wooden tents. The tents are built on stilts and are furnished with mattresses. This new type of camping is highly recommended because you have less sand in the tent, much more space to spread yourself out and you’re protected against wind and weather.

After you enjoyed our healthy self-cooked dinner you can end the successful surf day relaxing at the camp. And if you want to party we’d recommend going to Lacanau which is 30 minutes from the camp or just spend the evening in our party tent. Le Pin Sec is for all guests who’d like to spend relaxing surf holidays in France and improve their surfing skills.

Freesurfing in Vieux Boucau

Surf Camp Vieux Boucau

Our surf camp in Vieux-Boucau is for all the people who wish for a good mix of surfing, relaxing and action. Our surf camp is located on the camping ground Les Sablères, which is right behind the dune. In a few minutes’ walk you’re already on the surf beach. Just as in Le Pin Sec you can enjoy Glamping here. The tents are connected with a chain of lights which creates a romantic atmosphere for a jam sessions and a glass of wine. Here you’ll find more information about the accommodation at the surf camp Vieux-Boucau.

If you like we can organize a Flunky Ball tournament or other fun party games for you. Once there is night time on the camping ground you should move on to the Mojito Bar where you can dance to the music of cool live bands and DJs. At the end of the day many guests go to the beach for watching the spectacular sunset and the clear sky.

Surfkurs in Vieux Boucau

Our team always complies with your wishes and needs. That makes the surf camp Vieux-Boucau so special. More about the highlights and activities in Vieux Boucau you’ll find in this article. Only 20 minutes from the camp is Hossegor, surfer’s Mecca and home of a cool outlet. Enjoy unforgettable surf holidays with great waves and a varied programme.

Surfing in France

Surf Camp Moliets

Moliets is THE place for surf camps so there is no way around it. Especially if you like partying a lot you will enjoy the Surf Camp Moliets very much. We offer you standard and Glamping tents. Here you can find more information about the accommodation in Moliets.

We have a mini ramp for skating, there is a beautiful pine forest to get some rest in the hot afternoon sun, amazing waves and a crazy nightlife. These are just a few examples of the varied activities that await you in Moliets. Planet Surf Camp is on the camping ground Les Cigales from where you reach the best surf spots in just a few minutes. Moliets stands for the ultimate surf camp vibe. There are lots of international camps and people who are keen of surfing just like you.

You also can join the flunky ball tournament. Just get yourself a crazy outfit and let’s go. After a successful surfing day people meet in the legendary surfer bar L’Open where you can listen to great live bands. The camp in Moliets is a classic surf camp. You won’t forget that experience!

Surf Camp Life

Junior Camp Moliets

Our Junior Surf Camp France is for all the teens between 14 and 17 years who want to learn this beautiful sport. The Junior Camp is in Moliets. Here, you can spin out all your energy if you’re not already tired from surfing. There are lots of activities like Yoga, skateboarding, table tennis, volleyball and much more. Our teamers are there for you 24/7 and organize a fun program for you every evening. It’s our ambition to make great holidays possible and to bring close surfing to the youths. Because it’s the same with every sport: The earlier you start the better!

Waiting for the sun to set

Surfing in France – The Regions


France is divided in different regions. In the region Nouvelle-Aquitaine you will find the best surf spots in France. Because of the sand banks the wave quality can change every year. There are several contests on the coast, lots of surf camps and surfers who come from all over the world to surf in front of the kilometre long beaches. Part of Nouvelle-Aquitaine are also the départements Gironde, Landes and Pyréneés Atlantiques. The region is characterized by pine forests and endless sand beaches which are, beneath surfing, great for hiking and biking.

Not only in Nouvelle-Aquitaine but also along the entire Atlantic coast it’s possible to find a proper surf. Further in the North there are the regions Pays de la Loire and Brittany. The conditions for surfing are much harder. Water is colder and the tides have a huge impact.

Skate Session in Le Pin Sec


In the northern part of Aquitaine is Gironde. Beneath a bunch of surf spots there are many conservation areas with spruces and pine forests. The most northern town is Soulac-sur-Mer. The spot is suited for each level. There are surf schools, surf shops and camping ground right next to the beach.

Further south is Le Pin Sec where one of our surf camps is located. Le Pin Sec is very close to Gironde’s surfer epicentre Lacanau, home of the WSL Lacanau Pro since 1979. Beneath ideal surf conditions you’ll find lots of accommodations and surf schools here. For all the party animals Lacanau offers a wild nighlife, classical surfer bars and clubs where you meet at least one face from the afternoon’s line-up. It’s much quieter in the nearby town Carcans Plage that offers a lot of charme with its one camping ground and a few restaurants. Also, the surf line-up is much more laid-back than on other spots and you will have very relaxed surf holidays.

Gironde ends in Cap Ferret, a peninsula at the basin of Arcachon. You will find endless sand beaches, conditions for every surf level, a vivid nightlife, shops and surf camps. Nevertheless, you can always have a relaxed walk or a hike through the pine forests of the conservation area to find some peace.

Ready for the new season?

Les Landes

Between Arcachon and Biarritz is the département Les Landes. The region is plain in comparison to the nearby rolling hills. One of the longest stretches of timber in Western Europe is located here and during your surf trip you can wander through the shaded pine forests. Most of the beaches got their names of the town name with the addition ‘Plage’ like Mimzan Plage which is always worth a travel. The 10-kilometre long sand beach is interrupted by a river which sometimes offers surfable waves. More south is our surf camp at the surf camp metropolis Moliets. More about Moliets you’ll find in this article.

The towns around Moliets like Vieux-Boucau-les-Bains, Seignosse and St. Girons awake in summer and become hot spots for all surf vacationers. There are lots of camping grounds, holiday flats and camper pitches for individual travellers. Planet Surfcamp is also in Vieux-Boucau, a camping ground right behind the dune. This place gives you a perfect mix for your surf vacation in France. On the camping ground Les Sablères are three surf camps so there’s plenty of camp vibe.

Surf Session in France

The beach bar Mojito is a restaurant with ocean view by day and a cool surfer bar by night. Mojito stands for delicious sunset cocktails and live band music. If you get hungry late at night you should taste the yummy paninis in L’Importer.

Hossegor is the ultimate centre of the European surf industry. The oceanic trench which ends right in front of the coast is responsible for the enormous power of the waves. In Hossegor are one of the most famous and popular beach breaks on the planet like La Gravière or La Sud. When the waves are high these spots aren’t appropriate for beginners and intermediates because the shore break can be very dangerous. The waves break more hollow, steeper and more powerful compared to the surf spots further north. Because of the many international surfers and vacationers there’s always a chance for party and amusement. Beneath the surfer bars which offer live concerts there are lots of festivals and open-airs. Besides, around Hossegor you’ll find all the European headquarters of the big surf brands. You can also make a snatch at the giant outlet.

In the beginning of October, the WSL World Tour stops in Hossegor. The best surfers worldwide and lots of spectators come to the small town right before it falls into its winter sleep. Then again, the line-up belongs to the locals.


Pyrénées Atantiques

The coast region Pyrénées Atlantiques, also called Côte Basque or Euskal Kostaldea is part of the French Basque country. The landscape is very undulating and rough in comparison to the flat landscape in La Landes. You will find spectacular bays and mountains which you should discover beneath your surf trip. In the nearby Pyrenees, you can even snowboard and ski. Way up north is the small town Anglet. The 4,5-kilometre long sand beach offers ten surf spots. There is also a beach promenade with surf shops, schools and loads of bars and restaurants. Anglet’s most northern spot is called La Barre which only works at low tide and strong swell because it’s situated between to moles. Further south is Les Cavaliers, which offers big waves and is known for great barrels. The beach breaks in France are very popular because of their high-quality waves. In return the line-up can be very crowded.

Big Wave Surfing in Belharra

In the south of Anglet is Biarritz which is just as famous as Hossegor which is France’s surf scene hot spot. Biarritz’ scenic backdrop invites you to a stroll through town and of course to a sweet surf session. The town beach Le Grande Plage is maybe one of the most crowded surf beaches of the region because the bay is located right in the historic city. Still, the waves offer many peaks and we recommend you stop by on your surf trip. Moreover, you’ll find the spot Côte des Basques further south, which works great for longboarders. Along the Basque coast there are many beach and reef breaks so the route is made for a surf road trip. The small harbour town Saint-Jean-de-Luz is always worth a travel. On the one hand because of the typical landscape and on the other hand because there are nice spots for surfing. The most popular spot is Pointe de St. Barbe which only works with a big swell. It’s also nice for wind surfers. About 2 kilometres away from the coast is Belharra which is one of the most famous big wave spots worldwide. The French part of the Basque coast ends in Hendaye. It’s hidden in a bay and offers a lot of peaks which are also beginner friendly. Here are also many surfers but they are much more spread than on other spots. When you leave France, you will enter the beautiful Spanish part of the Basque country which is absolutely worth a visit.

Small Waves on the Mediterranean

Mediterranean Sea

It’s a whole different experience than surfing on the Atlantic. Especially in summer you won’t find lots of surfable waves here. Also in Winter, there are only a few days on which the conditions work for surfing. The swell emerges because of the winds, what means: The bigger the storm the better the waves. The Mediterranean Sea works much better for kite and windsurfers. If you want to surf waves you should pack your longboard and funboard. Otherwise you won’t be able to paddle the waves. Only advantage here is the water temperature which is much higher than the Atlantic.

A popular holiday resort is Marseille, where lots of different cultures meet. You should stroll through the narrow alleys, taste the culinary specialities and visit the harbour. There are also some surf spots like the reef break Sausset-les-Pins and the beach break El Prado. Because of the mistral winds Les Legues is one of the best surf beaches of the region. The conditions in the bay are perfectly suited for beginners. The surf beach La Ciotat works with eastern wind as well as the Brutal Beach between Toulon and Marseille nearby the new harbour. It’s suited for beginners and intermediates.

Marseille by Night

But if you go to France only because of surfing you really should go to the Atlantic because the chance to see good waves or generally to see waves is much higher. On the Mediterranean Sea, you should always keep the weather in mind, check the forecast and have an alternative program up your sleeve.

Don't forget the regions that belong to France but are located far away from the French mainland. These are for example French-Polynesia or La Réunion, two islands that offer wonderful surf conditions. On La Réunion there are lots of sharks currently so keep that in mind when you plan your surf holidays.

Surf Spots

Côte d’Argent

All the spots close to our surf camps are at the Côte d’Argent, the ‘silver coast’. Below, you see an overview of the most important spots.


Way up north of Gironde is Soulac-sur-Mer. The swell is very eased just like the town Soulac. The swell range is 1 – 6 ft. and the wind comes from south east on good days. Next to the spot is L’Amelie and Le Gurp.


In the south of Soulac is Montalivet which is considered a paradise for nude bathing. But also surfers can have lots of fun on good days. The swell is 1 – 8 ft. and wind blows ideally in direction west.

Le Pin Sec

Our most northern camp is in Le Pin Sec, that is known for its relaxing atmosphere. The quite is also reflected in the line-up. Most of the time the spot isn’t very crowded. Swell range is 1 – 8 ft. and in good conditions the wind goes west.


On your way down south, you’ll get the first load of surf culture in Lacanau, home of the famous Lacanau Pro. Beneath pro surf action the town also offers a good nightlife and three beautiful spots called La Nord, La Sud and Super Sud. The spots have very consistent surf conditions and swell range is 1 – 10 ft. Western wind benefits the waves in Lacanau.

Mimizan Plage

Mimizan PLage is characterized by the river that divides the small town on its way to the ocean. Mimizan Plage is also known for the smell of the papermill which you should get used to on your stay and good waves when there is offshore wind. The swell is 1 – 8 ft.

Moliets Plage

It’s not for nothing that Moliets is the surf camp hot spot and home of one of our Planet Surfcamps. Beneath a large variety of activities Moliets offers a constantly good swell which is 1 – 8 ft. The waves are even better when there is east wind.


Not far from Moliets is our third surfcamp. In Vieux-Boucau there are always surfable waves because of the great number of spots. You will also find a fantastic camp vibe here. Swell is 1 – 10 ft and east wind makes the waves big.


Mighty, legendary, world-famous! Hossegor is a one-of-a-kind surf spot. The WSL stages the Quiksilver Pro France here every year. Super stars like John John Florence or Kelly Slater give it all when a big swell fills in. Because that’s what the famous wave La Gravière needs. It doesn’t work in onshore wind. If all fits you can look forward to perfect waves and unbelievable tubes. Swell range is 3 – 15 ft.


Alike spectacular but further south is Capbreton, the back-up spot of the World Championship Tour when La Gravière doesn’t work. At good conditions, you’ll see perfectly round tubes which make almost unnaturally beautiful photo scenes. Swell is 2 – 12 ft.

La Côte Basque

The best spots at the coast in the Basque country are around Anglet, Biarritz and Bayonne.


The most important spots in Anglet are La Barre and Les Cavaliers. La Barre is situated between two moles. Protected against the wind it works only with a big swell and at low tide. Les Cavaliers is a beach break. Further south there are some other beach breaks. The swell at La Barre is 2 – 15 ft., at Les Cavaliers it’s 1 – 12 ft. Both spots work better in eastern wind.


Biarritz is mostly known for attracting wealthy people. Because of the great waves there is also a big surf scene. The beach break is located in a large bay which is blessed with a consistent swell. The swell range is 1 – 8 ft. and the wind goes in direction north-west for best conditions.


Big wave spot, one of the best reef breaks in Europe and in no circumstances suited for beginners. That is Guéthary which isn’t far from the French-Spanish border. It’s recommended for all the experienced surfers who are looking for new challenges. Swell range is 10 – 30+ and best wind comes from south-east.

Summer Sun

Surf holidays in France – Travel time, flight and transfer on site

Mediterranean Sea

To surf here you should go in wintertime. Because of the winds there is no reliable forecast. You need some luck to have good surf sessions.


Basically, you can surf on the Atlantic shore all year long. The winter month aren’t everybody’s taste because for most of the people surf holidays are always connected with summer feeling. BBQ nights on the camping ground, sunbathing on the beach, parties in the beach bars and surfing with a thick layer of sun blocker in your face. In Winter things change. The smaller towns are empty and most of the camping grounds are closed. Also shops and bars open their doors only for the high season. The waves get bigger in autumn and winter, the weather gets rougher and the line-ups emptier. Autumn isn’t suitable for beginners and intermediates because the waves are mostly to big. Especially spots like La Gravière are just crazy by this time of the year. But if you have lots of experience pack your surf shoes, gloves, hood, thick wetsuit and go for it!

In April, the weather gets warmer and the first surf camps welcome their guests. Weather is still changeable and water cold but in July, you can surf in a Lycra on hot days. Of course, there are many surfers in the water and it’s not easy to find an empty spot. In September, the off-season starts and everything gets much more relaxed. Line-ups are empty and camping ground fees fall. We recommend beginners and intermediates to go to France from July to September.

Possible only with hood and thick wetsuit: Surfing in Winter

The closest airports are in Bordeaux, Biarritz, San Sebastian and Bilbao. Flights to Bordeaux and Bilbao are much cheaper but San Sebastian and Biarritz are easier options because we can pick you up with the shuttle bus and bring you to the camp. The main airlines are Vueling, Iberia, Easyjet, Germanwings and Norwegian. You can book the sport luggage in addition to your flight. Check out cheap flights on Skyscanner.

Busses are also a very easy way to get to the camp. Just give us your point of departure and you’re good to go. The busses of our partner Rip Curl Express departs in all the bigger cities.

The rail network is well developed but you still need a lift to get to the camp. But don’t worry. We can pick you up from nearby stations with our shuttle.

Another possibility is getting a ride. You’ll find one on Blablacar or in some facebook groups.

For all those who come by car check out the ViaMichelin route planer.

Lacanau Pro

History of surfing in France

Since thousands of years the power of the waves fascinates people. Surfing is natively from Polynesia and grew in popularity in Hawaii in the 50s. France is the first European country in which surfing emerged. At the beginning some Basque people experimented with natural objects like wooden boards. Eventually the American movie director Peter Viertel made surfing popular in France. In 1956, he travelled to the Basque country to make a movie of a novel but when he saw the waves he got his board sent from California. Bit by bit surfers from Australia and the US recognized the potential of the waves so movies like ‘Evolution’ and ‘Wave of Change’ came up.

First photo of a surfer in Hawaii around 1890

Ever since the Lacanau Pro Contest surfing became a competitive sport and more and more French got interested in it. Since the 80s, surfing evolved into a growing industry. More contests, more companies, more surf shops, more accommodations and more surf camps. At the heart of the surfing scene is Hossegor where the Championship Tour (WCT) is staged every year.

Floater at the Quiksilver Pro in Hossegor

Surf events in France

The most important event of the year is the Quiksilver Pro France, which is part of the World Championship Tour. The stars of the surf scene come from all over the world to surf the best waves in Seignosse, Capbreton and Hossegor. As one of the last tour stops it offers a lot of tension because there aren’t too many points left to climb up the leader board. Be there from 7th to 18th October and you'll get rewarded with word-class surfing!

In midsummer, it gets rich in tradition when 1500 surfers compete at the Lacanau Pro Contest. Be part of it from 12th to 20th August! Beneath surfing you can practise Yoga, Fitness, Zumba or skating, eat good Tapas and dance to awesome live music.

Weather, Climate and Water Temperature

In Aquitaine where our surf camps are located the weather is very mild because of the warm gulf stream. The temperatures climb up to average 26 degrees. The water temperature stays pretty cold the whole year long. In midsummer, the water has maximum 19 degrees so you can wear a standard wetsuit. More information you’ll find in the climate data.


Top 10 Highlights in France

1. Party trip to San Sebastián and Semana Grande

The weekly trip to the beautiful Basque city San Sebastián is a must for all the people who like partying. You can stroll through the narrow alleys to delve into the special culture. We’ll do a pub tour, where we’ll eat the best Pintxos (Basque Tapas) of San Sebastián. At sunset, we’ll gather at a lookout with ocean view, the harbour and a small island. It’s a perfect place to have some drinks and discover San Sebastián’s night life.

Maybe you’re already here in mid of August so you can witness the Semana Grande. The festival begins with the Alderdi Eder, the traditional canon shot and the Artillero song.

Part of the Semana Grande is the big street festival with nice music and loads of Pintxos. Sport also plays an important role here – you can row, swim, play beach volleyball and the traditional Basque sports. The international firework contest is a special highlight which you can watch from the Mirador Monte Urgull.

Beautiful Bordeaux

2. Trip to Bordeaux

If you prefer the French culture you should visit Bordeaux. The city is surrounded by one of the most famous wine-growing areas worldwide and became UNESCO World Heritage in 2007 because of the beautiful historic city. You shouldn’t go there on the weekend because it can be very crowded. Enjoy the wonderful architecture, the wine routes and Bordeaux’ rich culture!

3. Hiking through the pine forests

The pine forests around the surf camp invite you to discover them. When the waves don’t work put your shoes on and just run off. The teamers at the camp will help you to find a good route. In midsummer, you should avoid the hot sun in the afternoon, even though the trees keep most of the heat away from you. Go in the early hours and enjoy the nature’s quiet.

Dune du Pilat

4. Climb the Dune du Pilat

With an estimated volume of 60 million cubic metres the Dune du Pilat is the largest shifting dune in Europe. The conservation area is surrounded by pine forests and opens to the west to the ocean. The sands are 135 hectars large and the surrounding forest 4000 hectars. Just as in many places along the Atlantic coast there are still bomb shelters underneath the dune to remind of World War II.

Fêtes de Bayonne

5. Fêtes de Bayonne

Bayonne is in the french part of the Basque country and holds the second largest Basque fair each year. The Fêtes de Bayonne is also one of the biggest fairs in France and drags on 5 days. Traditionally the event starts on Wednesday before the first Sunday in August. More than 1 Million visitors are all dressed in white and wear red scarfs and accessories. Beneath the party tents there also happens a bull run which is an important part of the event. It’s not like the Fiesta de San Fermin where the bulls are chased through the streets but they get released on the market place. You shouldn’t miss the festival!

Fireworks in Moliets

6. Latinossegor

In the beginning of September, a music festival takes place in Hossegor. The Latinossegor is for all the fans of latin music. The stage is built up right on the beach and you can enjoy the atmosphere for three days. The artists come from all over the world and most of them play Cuban music. If you’re a fan of the music style you’ll love this festival. But we recommend it also for people who just want to experience this amazing atmosphere.

Music Night in Moliets

7. Night life at the surf camp

You don’t have to go far to have a great night. We often organize concerts, theme parties, flunky ball tournaments and more for you right at the camp. At night, you should leave the camping ground to let the other people rest and go to the beach or to a beach bar. Moliets is the centre of these surf camp parties because most of the surf camps are here. We recommend the Bar L’open where the live band Blue Funk plays every week. Also in Vieux-Boucau you can party all night on the beach promenade. To get to know people from other surf camps go to the Mojito Bar. In the high season, you can dance to a live band or a DJ. The bars Calicoba and Captain are crowded by locals instead.

If you head to Hossegor check out Le Surfing. The bar is a restaurant and café by day and is situated right at the beach Estagnots in Hossegor. You will find some nice live concerts and the atmosphere is always very laid-back with many international guests. In the high season, you can have good parties in every middle and bigger beach towns.

8. Outlet Soorts-Hossegor

When the waves are bad or the sun doesn’t shine, you should visit the outlet in Soorts-Hossegor in the industrial area between Seignosse and Soorts-Hossegor at the D652. The whole complex is composed of large halls with products of all the big surf companies like Hurley, Roxy, Quiksilver, Element, Rusty or O’Neill. Some brands even have their own store like Billabong, Rip Curl, Carhartt and Volcom. If you need a wetsuit or a new board you can save big bugs at the outlet. In the off-peak seasons the stuff even gets cheaper. And if shopping makes you hungry check out Jack’s Burgers afterwards!

Mussels and other Sea Fruits

9. Eat, Pray, Surf

Food is always a big part on every vacation. Especially when you go surfing everyday your body needs a lot of energy. In touristic areas and generally in France the restaurants and supermarkets aren’t too cheap. So, if you spend your vacation at a surf camp you should always add food to your booking. Self-caterer should go the further away supermarket in Leclerc. It’s much cheaper than the one on the camping ground.

Sea fruits are a speciality in the coast regions so you should give it a shot. The Cave aux Moules in Moliets is the place to go for all the sea fruit fans. Here you get large bowls with mussles and delicious sauces like fresh tomato sauce. It’s served with traditional fries. Who is more the pizza dude will also get happy in the Cave aux Moules. The blue painted tables and banks offer enough space for a comfortable get-together and relaxing after a tough surfing day.

Learn to Surf

10. Surfing, Surfing, Surfing

We could give you another 10 tips about the varied region around our surf camps. But there is one tip which is more important than any other we gave you: Surf until your arms get weak or until the sun sets! Just have a look on the large beaches, the nice beach breaks with its great waves and you will see: That’s why you went here and nothing else matters.

Why France with Planet Surf Camps?

To sum up we can tell you: France has got all what it needs to be a surfer’s paradise. We don’t have to travel around the whole world because the Atlantic coast is just around the corner. Beneath the waves suited for any level there are lots of activities and events to make your surf trip unforgettable. Surf camp or road trip, tent or apartment – you will love this place!

Les Landes