Accommodation Moliets

Accommodation Moliets - Just the best for you

With us you have the possibility to choose from these three cool packages!

The three basic packages:

  • Back to Basics - Here you have a simple tent for 2 persons.
  • Freesurfer - here you are accommodated in three spacious Bell tents
  • Deluxe - our spacious accommodation in glamping tipi tents

*Sheets are included in all packages

Accommodation Moliets - Back to Basics

Our cool Back2Basics-tents have two spacious compartments with separate living and sleeping areas. You share the 4-person tent with at most one other person, so you'll certainly have more than enough space.

The Back2Basics tents have a surface area of 10 m² and a height of about 2 m. Mesh curtains are fitted for better ventilation and mosquito nets are also fitted at the tent entrance to prevent mosquitoes from getting in.

The Back2Basics tents are a great option for all surf campers who have a somewhat smaller budget.

Sheets and a mattress are included - just bring a sleeping bag if you like, of course.

Accommodation Moliets - Bell Tent

Our round tents are really cool. The extremely spacious 8-person tents you share at most with two other people, so you still have more than enough space.

All round tents have a center pole, a mosquito net to protect you from insects and windows to let in more light.

At the highest point, the round tents have a height of about 2.5 m, so you have a comfortable standing height. With a width of more than 3.5 m it will not be too cramped either.

The sheets and a mattress are included, so you don't have to bring anything and nothing stands in the way of your sweet surf camp dreams.

Accommodation Moliets - Deluxe

In our beautiful deluxe tipi tents you are guaranteed a comfortable stay. Each of the tipis has a small porch in front of the tent and plenty of storage space underneath. There you can store e.g. your surf equipment.

The tipis also have windows to keep everything light and well ventilated, a mosquito net to protect you from insects, electrical outlets and storage compartments.

With a ceiling height of about 3 meters, a pleasant standing height and a nice feeling of space is definitely not lacking. Due to the robust outer skin of the tent you are also protected from wind and weather.

Our tipis can be furnished with two single beds (twin) or with a double bed (couples). You sleep on a high quality mattress, which is allergy friendly, washable and really comfortable. The sheets and a mattress are included, so you don't have to bring anything and nothing stands in the way of wonderful surf camp nights.

In addition, there is also a party tent, where the music system may not be missing and also some other surprises are waiting for you. Another highlight is the beach volleyball court, which is right next to our camp and you can always use it as well as the table tennis table.

But the accommodation in Moliets also offers a lot of other things: If you want to improve your balance in combination with concentration and coordination, you can try slacklining. This is not only a super good stabilization workout and an excellent complement to surfing, but also challenges your ambition and is amusing. All in all, this not only brings a lot of fun, but also provides a balance to all the surfing! In our chill area you can just relax between the surf lessons and simply let your soul dangle, that has to be sometimes.

In the evening you can end the day with a beer and enjoy the sunset at the beautiful Atlantic coast in France. You will soon realize that the atmosphere in our surf camps is unique and will make your trip unforgettable!