Let There Be Tents

'Let There Be Tents!' And There Were Tents 


After three and a half exhausting weeks of blood and sweat during the build-up of our camps in France, we are stoked to announce that summer 2018 has officially begun in all three camps! 

The season was inaugurated, as always, by our camp in Moliets on 30th June, followed closely by Le Pin Sec on 7th July and finally, Vieux Boucau on the 14th. All the camps are up and running now, accommodating ocean-hungry guests and proud teamers, eagerly waiting for you to arrive. Why are the teamers so proud you may ask? Well, they're proud of the beautiful product of their hard work during build-up and of course, the smiles it puts on the guests' faces.  

When guests arrive, the camp is fully built and functional, but when the first crew members set foot on the campsite, usually a week or so before the start of the season, there is no camp as we know it. Just sand, some trees if they're lucky and the stars for company. Some people roll up their sleeves, ready to work (or take their t-shirts off because it gets too hot for clothes) and others just sigh, exhausted just from thinking about how much there is to do. But there's always someone who psyches up the rest with an optimistic 'WE CAN DO IT!' And so it begins.  

The beautiful glamping tents are the first thing the team tackles. The wooden floor and skeleton is made with a lot of love and some wooden pallets. Afterwards the white tents need to be pulled over the skeleton and secured (the Atlantic wind gets intense and has been known for making unsecured tents fly away). Because the team have their priorities straight, somewhere in between, they set up their own tents so they have somewhere to rest their heads at night and get started on pallets for the kitchen tent. After oh so many runs to the storage unit and back, things like benches, tables, mattresses, kitchen appliances, food or shade start to appear. 

A few days in and the camp is starting to take shape, like a blob of clay on a potter's wheel that finally resembles its final product. Everyone is super motivated now, they can see the light at the end of the tunnel and they catch their second wind. Only the final touches now. The teamers assemble all the props for activities enthusiastically, feeling a little tingle down their spine when they see the surfboards and wetsuits for the first time. It kinda feels like a proper surf camp now. Some signs with cool slogans on them, cute little décor pieces and a whole lot of tidying up later, we're ready for you! 

If you ever feel like your team is busting your ears about looking after the camp at the introduction meeting, just imagine that someone built it with their own hands for you to enjoy. Because let's face it, that's the main reason why we all do it – to enjoy it. Even though build-up is a lot of hard work, people come year after year to help out, attracted by the unique atmosphere you only get working closely with a small team. Relying on each other, celebrating all the little successes together and helping each other out... plus it's awesome to chill out with your team and a few beers after you're done for the day. Just imagine, how satisfying it must feel to make something yourself and see others enjoying it, having that notion that you've contributed to a project and are a permanent part of the camp. Super special feeling.  

Finally, we get to see the first guests arrive and start living in this cool space we've created for them from scratch. That's definitely the best part. Build-up is intense, but fun and fulfilling at the same time and so the Planet Surf team is super excited that Summer season 2018 has begun and is ready for you to arrive and check it out. 

Shoutout to all the talented people who helped out with the build-up this year, you guys did such an awesome job and made it look easy! 

And for the rest, can't wait to show you around!