Private Lessons Tenerife

Private lessons Tenerife

In our surf camp Tenerife you also get the opportunity for private courses. That means, you can (alone or together with two friends) learn surfing in a small group and with that improve your skills on the board or acquire skills anyway.

The reason for private lessons is perfectly plain: through the reduction of students the surf instructor can totally pay attention on you, your improvements, mistakes and learning process and with that teach you optimal surf skills.

For all the beginners there is also a part of theory, where you learn important things about waves, tides and your equipment.

In our surf camp Tenerife you get taught from Yamir Prieto. Yamir grew up in the wave paradise Tenerife and with that with surfing. He has been surfing since he is little and he owns official and recognized surf instructor licenses since many years. Furthermore he is former German champion in bodyboarding and surfing. You just learn from the best!

One private course consists several lessons and you are 8 hours on the way in total with Yamir. He picks you up at your accommodation and drives to the surf spot he has chosen for you and your surf skills.

For this day we charge 300,00€. Surf material like wetsuit, surfboard and leash, as well as beach transport and insurance are inclusive, of course.

For all advanced surfer, who are familiar with the surfboard and already surf 1,50 m waves, we also offer video analysis. With that Yamir will notice every little mistake and he can give you the finishing touch on your surfboard.

Tenerife convinces with great conditions for surfing all year round and we are looking forward to showing you the best spots!