Abhängen und Jammen im Surfcamp

5 Things You’ll Miss About Surf Camp

1. Surfing Every Day

5 things you'll miss about surf camp

If you don’t belong to the lucky group of people who live near the ocean, and you instead live somewhere landlocked and don’t have the opportunity to just grab your board and jump into the waves as you wish, then surfing for you is limited to just a few surf trips each year. Obviously then, surfing is one of the things you’ll miss the most when you leave surf camp! The feeling of infinite freedom on the board and the adrenaline kick you get from surfing a great wave can’t be replaced by any other feeling. Even if the surfing conditions aren’t perfect, once the waves are in sight, you can jump in your wetsuit, paddle out and at least enjoy the ocean!

2. Sunset at the Beach

SunsetEven if you perhaps thought that watching the sun set every evening might get boring after a while, it doesn’t! The sun disappearing behind the horizon every day as it has been doing for so long, gives you the soothing feeling that all’s right with the world. Even if the sun has faded away a while ago, it’s difficult to drag yourself away from the magical red tones of the sky that remain. How nice it is to be lulled by the sound of the waves and to watch how the last colour of the sky disappears into an all-encompassing darkness. Then, as the stars start appearing in the sky you sit on the beach for as long as you can bear it until your feet get cold.

3. No Appointments and Obligations – Just the Chilled Life in the Sun

Chilling at the pool

Being at Surf Camp also means being on holiday from work. A siesta on the beach, with the sound of the waves pleasing your ears, without having to set an alarm is probably one of the best ways to get away from at it all and just enjoy the moment. In fact, the sun causes the release of more serotonin, a substance that’s good for your well-being and creates feelings of happiness. No wonder that people in sunny countries always seem in a good mood! At our camps you wake up with a smile on your face and if one day for some reason you don’t, once you’re in the water, any bad feelings quickly disappear. It’s clearly going to be a good day when the only thing to think about is where you might like to go out for dinner and your only appointment is the one with your surfboard.

4. Deep Conversations with New Friends

group of friends
At surf camp you’re never alone. It’s extremely easy to meet new people. You live together, eat together, explore the surroundings together and, of course, surf together, for at least a week! It’s an easy environment to start conversations in and get to know the people who you’re staying with better. Quickly you’ll develop friendships with people from all over the world. No matter how far apart you live, the shared passion for surfing connects you from the off. As you sit outside, watching the world go by together, you quickly forget that you’ve just met. Meeting new people, learning new things about each other, experiencing new things together and creating shared memories to look back on, is one of the reasons why you’ll definitely miss surf camp.

5. Spontaneous nights out

Pool Table
Reason number four quickly turns into reason number five. You wanted to go to bed early to rest ahead of your surf lesson in the morning, but life had other plans for you. One beer became two or three or four! Why are they so cheap?! The sun, the drinks and the rhythmic beats ensures you spend many of your nights at surf camp on the dance floor instead of in bed. You move your hips, learning new salsa moves to the reggae beats and enjoy the good vibes. The next day you’re incredibly tired and don’t feel like you can lift the board, let alone surf on it. However, it’s these nights you’ll fondly look back on and after you jumped into the cool water you will quickly feel better.

Don’t let yourself be dragged down by the wanderlust! Summer is approaching, and our camps are waiting for you! Book now and spend the coming weeks in eager anticipation rather than with longing!

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