Your wetsuit guide: let’s find the right one for you!

The wetsuit It is the knight in shining armour for all of us who want to go surfing even when just the thought of going out in your boardies or bikini makes you shiver. The wetsuit lets you enjoy your favorite sport in cool waters by keeping your body temperature high and thus preventing […]

Abhängen und Jammen im Surfcamp

5 Things You’ll Miss About Surf Camp

1. Surfing Every Day If you don’t belong to the lucky group of people who live near the ocean, and you instead live somewhere landlocked and don’t have the opportunity to just grab your board and jump into the waves as you wish, then surfing for you is limited to just a few surf […]

Summer Holidays on a Surfboard in Our Junior Surfcamps

Are you between 14 and 17 years old, love surfing or always wanted to try it, but don’t want to go on holiday with your parents? Would  you rather travel alone or just with your friends? Then our Junior Surf Camps are perfect for you! At our junior surf camps you’ll get all you […]

Surfclass in Junior Surfcamp

What to Pack For Surf Camp – France Edition!

Your trip to one of our surf camps in France is fast approaching? You’re already dreaming of beautiful waves, long beaches and a cold beer after an epic sunset surf session with your new friends? Well, dream away because it’s soon to become a reality! But first, what do you need to think about? […]

Destroy the Waves, Not the Planet!

You’ve probably heard of US singer-songwriter Jack Johnson, and his laid back, beachy tunes, including Better Together and Banana Pancakes. However, perhaps you didn’t know that the singer prioritises surfing over music. 42-year-old Johnson has been surfing since childhood with, among others, his friend pro-surfer Kelly Slater. Born into the surfer lifestyle of Hawaii, […]