Surf Course Le Pin Sec

Surf Course Le Pin Sec – with Planet Surf you get the wave

Our top priority is our surf course, in this case our surf course Le Pin Sec, on which we are attach a great importance. Our surf instructors all exhibit a license and not only got a lot of experience by giving surf lessons, but also they are excellent surfer.

We define a good surf instructor with a fast learning progress and safeness in the water. That is why we are from Planet Surf look closely and are very critical by choosing our surf instructors. We demand from our surf instructors to give good lessons, but also possess a wide know-how and are very good surfers by themselves. Unfortunately, that is not guaranteed in all surf camps!

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The most important thing for us is not only that you are going on fast and effective with the instruction, but also we want you to feel comfortable and safe in the water. Because of that our groups are catered with a maximum of 8 persons and are distinguished in different levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced surfer. So we can guarantee you that we respond individually on everyone and recognize your faults.  In our surf course Le Pin Sec your surfing skills can develop excellent!

Surf course Le Pin Sec – BEGINNER COURSE

Whitewash? High-Tide? Leash? If you have never heard from these definitions, but likely wanted to know what it means and you want to discover the fascination of surf, than you are totally right at our beginner course.

In our beginner course, in Surfcamp France, you are going to learn in 24 coaching lessons (1 coaching lessons  = 45 Minuten) the sequence of movements for the take – off, so that you can start to surf the first withe-wash waves very soon.

A certain measurement of theory is indispensable, if you want to go surfing on your own anytime. Therefore you will learn about theoretical contents for example about waves, currents and equipment. But don´t worry: The fun in the water and the practical surfing are always in the foreground.

surf school le pin secstep by stepfast steps surf course le pin sec

Surf course Le Pin Sec – INTERMEDIATE COURSE

You have already stood the first white-wash and are intimate with surfboard and waves?

In the intermediate surf course, which is likewise about 24 coaching lessons, our France Surf Camp is helping you to improve your skills on the board and to reach up the next level. We check out your movement sequences and help you to surf unbroken (´´green´´) waves diagonal. The content of the courses totally depends on your motivation and aims!

theoretical knowledge surf course le pin secAdvanced course le pin sec

Surf course Le Pin Sec – ADVANCED COURSE

Waves up to 1,50m are not a problem and green waves you are nearly always surf diagonal? In addition, you are looking forward to get some tips from a pro to be able to show new moves on the board?

Than you are absolutely right in our 24 hour long advanced course in our surfcamp France. The contents and aims in that course will be totally individual arranged with the surf coach. So during your stay, we want you to guarantee to be pushed until your limit!


Our qualified surf instructors expect you in our surf course Le Pin Sec!

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(One surf lesson = 45 minutes)