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Surf School Le Pin Sec – our alpha and omega

In our surf school Le Pin Sec we follow a certain philosophy. As surfing has always been part of our life because we grew up in the Canary Islands and therefor with this kind of sport, we want to bring you close this passion. This should happen with a lot of fun, joy and so to speak with calmness. We want you to get going that you will never forget this feeling and vibe of the camp and that you want to get on the board as soon as possible again. Practical experience is the main emphasis even if you get basic knowledge about waves, water and equipment.  It is very important for us that you know what you have to do when you go for a surf – even without a surf instructor.

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It is essential that you learn the right technique from the very beginning in our surf school Le Pin Sec. So it is quiet impossible that you make mistakes afterwards. The right posture is – after the right take-off – the most important thing. With that we teach the take-off with the three-steps-rule – to wit the useless step that you stand up with your knees. This might be more difficult in the beginning, but you will have more success for your future surfing.

SurferBeginner Course

So it is possible to make FAST and EFFECTIVE learning progress. Our long-year experience – on the one hand with our own surfing, on the other hand with our teaching – has shown that our students have more success if they learn the right technique from the beginning. Moreover it is harder to give up wrong trained things!

At all times we try to arrange our lessons as practical as possible in our surf school Le Pin Sec. Nevertheless it is important to “read” the waves with that you have enough safety in the water. You also have to be in the know of certain rules during surfing. But don’t worry: we have also a lot of fun during the theoretical lessons and there is never come down boredom. Your safety is our top priority!

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For this reason we take a closer look if we chose our surf teachers for our surf schools. First of all they all have long year experience in surfing but they also have official and recognized licenses like FES, DWV, ISA, BSA, FCS. Furthermore they are all trained life guards.

It is really important that you have not only fun during the lesson, but that you also feel safe and comfortable.

You are always in good hands with the surf school Le Pin Sec of Planet Surf Camps!

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