How to Not Be A Dickhead in The Water

Whether you’re new to surfing or just wondering why you’re getting angry looks in the water, this guide is for you. It’s our guide on surf etiquette. You know, the ‘rules’ of the water. The unwritten code (which is actually written?!). The laws of the surf. Or, How to Not Be A Dickhead, as […]

How to Clean Your Pissy Wetsuit

Your brand-new wetsuit started off clean and pristine, the purest shade of black. The fragrance of pure neoprene, and with the expectation that you were going to score better waves than ever before in your new suit. You vowed you’d treat it well, wash it as soon as you took it off. Never leave […]

Surf Trips for Solo Travellers

6 Concerns That Previously Discouraged You from Coming to Surf Camp Alone You’re super keen to come to surf camp but all your friends have to study, work or are just always broke? You’re dreaming of waves and sun but you’re not sure about coming to surf camp alone? Here come 6 unwarranted fears […]

How to Score Yourself Cheap Flights

We’re not here to point out the obvious…Flying on Christmas Day is expensive…Flying on New Year’s Day is expensive…Flying when a load of people want to celebrate something, it’s expensive! We’re hoping you’re aware of that! Instead, let us offer you some tips on how to score cheap flights once you’ve already selected your […]

What to Pack For Surf Camp – France Edition!

Your trip to one of our surf camps in France is fast approaching? You’re already dreaming of beautiful waves, long beaches and a cold beer after an epic sunset surf session with your new friends? Well, dream away because it’s soon to become a reality! But first, what do you need to think about? […]