How to Score Yourself Cheap Flights

We’re not here to point out the obvious…Flying on Christmas Day is expensive…Flying on New Year’s Day is expensive…Flying when a load of people want to celebrate something, it’s expensive! We’re hoping you’re aware of that! Instead, let us offer you some tips on how to score cheap flights once you’ve already selected your […]

Destroy the Waves, Not the Planet!

You’ve probably heard of US singer-songwriter Jack Johnson, and his laid back, beachy tunes, including Better Together and Banana Pancakes. However, perhaps you didn’t know that the singer prioritises surfing over music. 42-year-old Johnson has been surfing since childhood with, among others, his friend pro-surfer Kelly Slater. Born into the surfer lifestyle of Hawaii, […]

What to Pack For Surf Camp – Fuerteventura Edition!

So, you’ve made the excellent decision to book a trip to our surf camp in Fuerteventura, nice one! You’re soon to leave all your daily stresses behind, and jump on a plane over to our sunny island paradise. First, however, you’ve got to pack! But what to pack for a surf camp? Thus, let […]