Surf Lessons Denmark

Surf Lessons Denmark - Surfing at the North Sea

All surf lessons at the surf camp are taken by professionally qualified surf instructors who hold an ISA licence to surf instruct. Lessons are taken in small groups, with a maximum of eight students per instructor, and in groups of similar surf ability. All this is to maximise your progress in the water and ensure your safety.

Surf lessons last two hours each. Surf lessons are offered in both English and German. There are also weekly surf theory lessons on offer.

Beginner Surf Lessons

For surfers completely new to the sport, of those that have only very limited experience, there are beginner surf lessons on offer. During the beginner surf lesson course, you will learn the correct take-off technique in the white wash, under the watchful guidance of your experienced surf instructor. You will use buoyant soft-top surfboards to ensure faster progress, more fun, and greater safety.

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Intermediate Surf Lessons

If you have some previous experience of surfing, and are comfortable and consistent at taking off successfully, then the intermediate surf course will take your surfing to the next level. In the intermediate surf course, you will learn how to ride green, unbroken waves and improve your control on the surfboard. The intermediate surf lesson programme is the next step towards being able to surf independently confidently.

Advanced Surf Lessons

For those who are already experienced in catching green waves the advanced surf lesson course will help you finesse your surfing technique. The advanced surf lesson course is the ideal option for the experienced surfer who would like some professional guidance to correct any small technical faults that are holding them back from surfing to their maximum potential.