Team – Best surf instructors just for you

In a surf camp the triumph an unbeatable surfing holidays depends on the ideal choice of the place and the waves quality also the natural surroundings and fun atmosphere that flows in the surf camp and surf school when you’re in your surf lessons, thanks to our staff over the surf camps. Our skilled team with experience, professional and specialized completely will take care of both our surf camp and surf lessons in your breathe a familiar atmosphere, cozy and spend a fabulous vacation surfing the waves.

Planet Surf Camps founder grew surf camp in the Canary Islands and so his life is linked to the sea, the waves, the surf, and surf camps. Over many years gaining experience as an assistant in surfing lessons, after being a teacher in schools in various surf camps. In addition to his travels around the world and knowing many waves around the world. This gave him the experience and knowledge necessary to create and develop the foundation Planet Surf Camps the perfect concept to ensure that your holiday in surf camps are perfect.

In the surf school, several of our surf camp teachers are or have been in international teams surfing competition, also have some surf teachers belonging to the Spanish team, the rest of surf school teachers are high level surfers. Be assured that your surf lessons will be of the highest quality.


Joe – Surf Instructor

Joe is definitely our handy man in the team, he will fix your surfboard or car and even build a skate ramp within two days. Joe is a true water man that has grown up in Tenerife and has not only shown his talent competing on the islands but also for the German national team in various occasions. Joe is on the road right now finding some nice waves and enjoying different cultures. He will definitely share some stories with you in the surf camps.

Joe shows his skillsPreparing the boardGood waves

Party at the campSurfing in Munich Surf trip


Masha – Surf Instructor

Masha is a new asset to our team that we met competing in the European championship in the Azores. Her surfing skills really impressed us as well as her teaching experience, which is why we decided to have her in our team. She is a well-traveled girl always searching for new adventures and undoubtedly looking for perfect waves.

Waiting for the perfect waveBeing turtleMasha

Masha SurfingContest surfingMasha


Coco – Surf Instructor

Coco is from Barcelona: Surfers in Barcelona??? Yes, Coco comes from Barcelona were you can surf from time to time as well, but he really became the great surfer he is now by traveling to the most hidden beaches of the planet and enjoying day to day life on the beaches of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura.

Coco Surf InstructorExcellent surferPerfect conditions

Good times around the worldCocoTime for small talk


Alejandro – Surf Instructor

Alejandro is our men from the very south of Spain in Cadiz, who will show you with passion the love for the beach and ocean. He is not just an amazing surfer and instructor; he is a great person that loves his friends, family, his dogs and definitely meeting new people from around the globe. His passion teaching is a real inspiration for how to love your job.

Alejandro divingParty at the camp… surfing with his dog

Awesome wavesAlejandroTeaching kids


Chris – Surf Instructor

Chris the Irish man plays his role as a grumpy Viking very well and gets everybody a big smile on the face when he comes up with a new story of how he landed a double backflip in the mountains; most of us are talking about some surf trip to Indo and he just loves all the elements and shares his experiences. He is a true sportsmen and friend who has helped to shape Planet Surf to what it is today. You will love his stories and go out with this man.

Party with ChrisChris surfingChillin' on the beach

Around the worldAlso an excellent snowboarderChris surfin'


Jack – Surf Instructor

Jack is a Cornish free surfer who escapes as much as he can from the cold waters of Newquays coast line to surf some warm water waves along the globe. His passion is to teach surfing and he will love to show you each of his tricks he does in the water. Tell him to go out and party with you and you will be amazed about his dance floor skills.

Awesome surferParty animalSkilled

JackSurf Instructor JackBarrel


James – Surf Instructor

James our English man escapes the rainy days in the UK when it’s not pumping on the British coast to search for some amazing waves around the globe. This dude is one of a kind always up for an adventure, a laugh and truly for a pint in any pub around the globe. He Surfs for his Uni team in Plymouth and actually won the UK university nationals this year. Meet him, love him and take him out on the dance floor, we won’t disappoint.

Surf Instructor Jamessurfing worldwideJames

James TaylorOn the way to the next spotAlways on board


Gabriele – Surf Instructor

Gabri is our Italian in the team who will always have a smile on his face before, during and after surf lessons. He has been living on Fuerteventura for many years and knows the island and its waves better than his underwear. You will just love this man, who is young in heart, during your stay in Fuerteventura. We don’t know if it’s the ingredients of his pasta or the Italian sun cream he uses that this guy does not seem to age. Nevertheless his lessons are very professional!

Surfing in ItalyGabri SurfingHang loose

Fun in the lessonParty in FuerteventuraGabri


Yamir – Canary Islands Manager and Surf Instructor

Yamir is a passionate surfer and bodyboarder who has been working in surf camps and surf schools since he is 17. He comes from Tenerife were he has learned all he knows about the ocean. He has travelled to most places just to look for some perfect waves and his experience has been a great asset for many years in the German national Surf team. He is the man in charge of the Surf Camps in Spain and the Canaries.

Surf Instructor YamirExcellent surferYamir

Surf contestSurfing in TenerifeYamir bodyboarding


Aco – Camp Manager North Spain and camp cook

Aco is a very fun girl from the surfing village Punta del Hidalgo in the north of Tenerife. She runs the Surf Camp in San Vicente de la Barquera and is responsible for preparing the delightful dishes every evening. She does not only cook very well, but also enjoys any exiting day of sports as well as a good party. Her big love is her dog.

Good times at the beachACO SurfingSurfing around the world

PartySUPKeen swimmer


Mark – Camp Leader

Mark is one of our camp leaders and a Yoga instructor also known as the “ Ninnnjaaaaa”. How he became this name though is a well-kept secret. The Ninja will always be there for you if you need a hand and he will show you around his surf camp territory perfectly.  His yoga lessons are a must if you want to learn some of his moves.

MarkCamp Leader and Yoga InstructorAt the beach


Giulia – Camp Leader

Giulia is the multi-tasking camp leader of our Surf camp in Le Pin Sec. She can be giving Yoga lessons, surf, shop for 200 guests, party, organize a sightseeing tour and manage the boys from the surf team in half a day, because she needs the other half of the day to relax in the sun. She is the best example for Swiss organization and you will love to play a beach volleyball match against her or dress up like crazy before a hard party night.

Always in a good moodGiuliaGiulia


Christl – Head Teamer

Christl loves the fun in the sun with her loved dog and her countless friends. There is no better person than this young german nurse studying for Doctor to take care of any of our surf camps. She has managed a few of them and people who have met her go to the camp she has actually decided to work at. Christl feels at home in nature doing all kind of sports and will show you this spirit.

Preparing surf boardAmazing times at the campChristl


Sina – Head Teamer

Sina is a doctor who usually repairs hearts in the hospital, when she does not break them in the surf camps during summer. After working for many years as a teamer this girl has been a camp leader in many occasions and gets German precision and planning into the camp life. Sina might appear a bit shy, but God… let her get ready for a surf session or a party night and she will undoubtedly surprise you.

Party GirlGood Mood!Sina


Simi – Long term teamer

Simi is pure energy from toes to hair, she is not crazy, she is just a real character you have to meet and you won’t stop laughing.  Surf, Snowboard, Skate, Party etc. name it and she will do it with you. She can build up more tents in an hour than 3 boys in a day and never let you down if you need a hand.

Action GirlSimiSUP

Mud BathSimiTaking a break


Cristina – Office Manager

Cristina is the super power woman, who runs the office, besides taking care of future Austrian pro surfer Thomas, 7 horses and finishing her master in business. When she is not answering emails and handling the bookings she will take care of all the crazy surf instructors by playing there mum for some days and taking there close to the laundry or telling them to tidy up their tents.

Good times with friendswork outside the office… Cristina


Cesar – Marketing and Sales

Cesar is the man in the background in charge of marketing and sales. He is hardly in a surf camp, but you will probably see him on some hidden beaches, a party or shredding the mountains on a bike or board. Cesar has grown up on Tenerife and is the responsible for creating a company with a family feeling expanding in the best surf spots of Europe.

Party with CesarCesarCesar