Junior surf school

Junior surf school in France

Our philosophy at all our Planet Surf camps is the following: we want to share our passion for surfing with you and help you have a great time while learning this wonderful sport – it’s important to us that you experience the magic of surfing. Our main goal is to teach you so well that you will want to continue surfing after your surf trip and know how to do so safely on your own.

Junior surf schoolsuccessful in the junior surf school

In our junior surf school as well as all our other Planet Surf camps we put great emphasis on teaching you the right technique straight from the start. That way we can make sure that you don’t develop any bad habits while learning. Many surf schools teach their students to stand up by way of their knees. Even though this technique is easier in the very beginning, the 3-step technique, as tought by us, is much more effective and useful in the long term. As experienced surfers we know that you will be able stand on your board and surf whitewash waves very quickly.

good mood in the junior surf schooljump into the watera lot of fun in the junior surf school

While we do our best to make the lessons in our junior surf school as practice-oriented as possible, we know the importance of the theoretical aspects of surfing. Of course we want you to have as much fun as possible while surfing but the top priority, for us, is your safety. In order to guarantee said safety, we have to teach you the basics about the waves, the ocean as well as the rules and etiquette in the water

That is one of many reasons why we choose our surf instructors for all Planet Surf camps very carefully, all of which are very good and experienced surfers with official international surf instructor and lifeguard licenses (FES, DWV, ISA, BSA, FCS). It is essential that you feel comfortable and safe during your surf lessons! We guarantee that you are in good hands with Planet Surfcamps!

Junior surf school France