Surf Lessons Sri Lanka

Surf Lessons Sri Lanka - Bring Your Surfing to a New Level!

Surf lessons at the surf camp in Sri Lanka are taken by fully qualified surf instructors who hold an ISA level 1 or 2 licence and a Surf Lifesaver licence. Lessons take place in small groups, with an absolute maximum of 8 students per instructor, and are students are organised into lesson groups with others of similar surf ability and experience. Practical surf lessons take place Monday – Friday. Surf lessons last two hours, and each guest thus receives five two-hour lessons per week. In addition to the in-water time, theory sessions are also offered to improve your understanding and heighten your surf knowledge. Video analysis once a week further aids your surfing progress.

Outside of lesson times, guests can enjoy free surfboard hire for the duration of their stay, and up to three Tuk-Tuk transfers to local surf spots each day.

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Beginner Lessons

If you’ve never surfed before, or are relatively new to the sport, then the beginner lessons will allow you to have fun improving your surfing technique in a safe environment. The beginner lessons are taken on a beach break which provides the optimal conditions to learn in and using soft-top surfboards for the fast progress and safety of the students. During the beginner lessons participants learn the correct take-off technique and put this into practise in the whitewash. The warm waters of Sri Lanka’s Southern Coast make for a very enjoyable place to learn to surf!

Intermediate Lessons

If you have progressed out of the white-water and are experienced enough to catch green, unbroken waves, then the intermediate lessons will see you improve your consistency and control in the water. The intermediate lessons will also teach you how to read the waves better and become a more independent surfer. The instructor will choose a surf spot suitable for the day’s conditions and the abilities of the students, whether it be a beach break or a reef break. Furthermore, the instructor will help each student select the ideal board from the large quiver the camp has to optimise their progress, whether this be a soft-top board or a Sunova shortboard. With the surf camp’s intermediate surf lessons, you can guarantee you’ll have fun taking your surfing to the next level in Sri Lanka.

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Advanced Lessons

For surfers who are already accustomed to surfing green, unbroken waves, the advanced lesson programme provides professional tuition to their finesse technique and improve their manoeuvres. The advanced lessons take place at various surf spots suitable for the experience of the group, and students have access to a variety of different surfboard shapes and sizes. The advanced lesson course is perfect for surfers who are already confident in the water but who require an instructor’s expert eye and individual advice to smooth out any small technical errors that are preventing them from nailing those tricks and manoeuvres.