Yoga Sri Lanka

Yoga Sri Lanka - Vinyasa Yoga Classes to Improve Your Surfing

Yoga and surfing really go hand in hand, in addition, of course, to yoga being a beneficial standalone activity. The greater stability, balance and strength that regular yoga practise offers all are advantageous for your performance in the water. Furthermore, the breath control and relaxation techniques that the practise of yoga includes can help you to stay calm in the event of a big wipe out or when the surf conditions are challenging, as well as with your regular paddling technique.

Yoga in Sri Lanka

At the surf camp, yoga classes take place Monday – Friday. As to the philosophy of yoga, the class is about exploring your own limits and listening to your own body’s needs, making the class individualised to each participant. Whether you wish to use the practise of yoga for physical exercise and relaxation, or as a meditative way to explore your outlook, it is up to you! You’ll work through various different asanas, as well as meditation and breathing exercises, and come away feeling refreshed. The classes are suitable for participants with any level of yoga experience, last an hour, and cost 10€ to join in.