How to get to Junior Camp Spain

How to get to Junior Surf Camp Spain

Camping El Rosal

San Vicente de la Barquera - SPAIN

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Travel to our surf camp by bus

We have Buses from Germany, Switzerland and Austria... But there are many ways to get to our camps by bus from other countries as well, such as for example. For further information please contact us.

Travel to our surf camp by car

You can plan your trip with the following website:

You should definitely check the toll charges in France and Spain when you plan your trip!  It makes also sense if you arrive during you day at the camp because it is a little bit saver.

Travel to our surfcamp by plane

If you come by plane you can choose different airports: Santander or Bilbao. But the onward journey is a little bit easier from Santander.

DEAL :  Very cheap flight from Düsseldorf Weeze - Santander very good for people living in Holland Belgium and Germany ( This flights are always from Sunday to Sunday but you can come to those dates to our camp, too)

Fly to Santander:

With you can easly get to Santader from Brussels, Dublin, Edinburgh or London Stansted.
With,  it's possible to fly to Santander from Amsterdam, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Eindhoven, Leeds, London, London-Gatwick, Liverpool, Luxemburg, Manchester, Newcastle and Rotterdam. flys from Amsterdam, Belfast, Birmingham, Brussels, Cork, Dublin, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Jersey, London, Luxemburg, Manchester, Newcastle and Rotterdam to Santander.

Onward journey from Santander airport: At the airport of Santander you can take the bus which departs from 7.00 – 23.00 every 30 minutes and drives to the local bus station. From there you can take the bus to San Vicente (about 75 minutes, but only around 5,00€).

Fly to Bilbao:

With you can fly to Bilbao from Bristol, London-Stanstet and Manchester. takes you from Amsterdam, Belfast, Birmingham, Brussels, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Eindhoven, Leeds, Liverpool, London, London-Gatwick, London-Heatrow, Luxemburg, Maastricht, Manchester, Newcastle and Rotterdam to Bilbao.
With you can easily get from Aberdeen, Amsterdam, Belfast, Bimingham, Brussels, Cork, Dublin, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Jersey, London, Luxemburg, Manchester, Rotterdam to Bilbao.
Another option, to get to Bilbao, would be, besides a lot of norwegian and swedish cities they also fly from
Or just check some more options at

Onward journey from Bilbao airport: Between 05.25 and 21.55 you can take the bus (Bizkaibus Line 3247) to the city center. From the bus station there you can take the bus to San Vicente. The journey will take about 2 1/2 hours, but at cheaper price)

For more information on the bus, please check:

Attention: We only give you tips. Please check everything on your own!

Shuttle Service

The shuttle service is the most comfortable way of getting to the surf camp from the airport despite the possibility of slight delays due to heavy traffic. To be able to guarantee you a spot on the shuttle, we need your booking request 4 days prior to your arrival as well as information about your arrival (airport, date and time) and a contact telephone number. You will only be able to request the shuttle service after having booked your stay at our surf camp.

IMPORTANT: if you need a shuttle back from the camp to the airport/bus station etc you have to book it DIRECTLY IN THE CAMP 3 DAYS BEFORE YOUR DEPARTURE. You have to provide us all info we need to know Thank you.In our shuttle bus you can take one piece of luggage. The luggage must not weigh more than 20kg and the maximum allowed size is 160 cm (e.g. 80 x 40 x 40 cm).

We offer shuttle services from both Santander airport as well as Bilbao airport to our surf camp in San Vicente. The prices as presented below are per person and per trip.

For the arrival:

10:30 in Bilbao or 11:30 in Santander, then you are at 13:00 in our Camp

13:30 in Bilbao or 14:30 in Santander, then you are at 16:00 in our Camp

19:30 in Bilbao or 20:30 in Santander, then you are at 22:00 in our Camp


For the departure:

07:00 in our Camp, then you are at 08:30 in Santander or at 09:30 in Bilbao

10:00 in our Camp, then you are at 11:30 in Santander or at 12:30 in Bilbao

15:00 in our Camp, then you are at 16:30 in Santander or at 17:30 in Bilbao

AirportPrice per person
Airport Santander30€
Airport Bilbao45€


Facebook Group 'Planet Surf 'n' Ride'

Finde drivers and fellow passengers in our community on Facebook. Check out Planet Surf 'n' Ride.