Junior Surf Camp Spain Activities

Activities in our Junior Surfcamp Spain

Besides surfing you want to get to know the surfer lifestyle, want to hang out with other birds of the surfing feather? Wanna enjoy a memorable surftrip?
These are just a few things we can offer you at our junior surfcamp.

  • Saturday is our arrival and departure day. You’ll meet the team and get to know the most important facts about the camp. Afterwards we do some games, so you’ll get to know the others easily.
  • Sunday is our sporty day, where our beach volleyball and beach soccer tournaments will take place. Later we do a movie night.
  • Mondays we start our programm with our Olympic games.
  • On Tuesdays we offer trips to an action park or horseback riding.
  • Wednesdays we organize a junior flunky ball tournament and do a camp party.
  • Our verry own surfcontest takes place on Thursday.
  • Friday. On our last day together we’ll do a farewell party.
  • And then the week starts again with Saturday.

Yoga - Junior Surfcamp Spanien AktivitätenJunior Surfcamp Spanien Aktivitäten in der Gruppe

Our camp is located in the beautiful village of San Vincente de la Barquera, which is known for his amazing beaches.
Our "main" beach "El Rosal" isn't only perfect for surfing, it's also amazing to chill and relax after a surf session. Enjoy the summer vibes and get tanned.
In our junior surfcamp spain you can find the perfect combination of surfing, sun and summer fun!

YogaJunior Surfcamp Spanien Aktivitäten - Unser kleiner SkateparkKoordinationsübungen - Junior Surfcamp Spanien Aktivitäten

There's so much you can experience in our camp:
We offer you a lot of sports equipment for free use and a idividual and varied entertainment programm.

ChillzeltDie ersten Yoga VersucheTischtennis

Junior Surfcamp Activities - more than surfing!


If your not tired of water yet, you can grab a boadyboard and hit the waves again!

Balance Board and Slackline

Improve your balance on the board or learn cool new tricks.


Show us what you can on our own camp miniramp or cruise through the city. Skateboarding isn't only super fun, it also helps you to improve your surfing skills and style.

Ping Pong

Play an amazing ping pong match with our team!


If you want to relaxe or take a small break from surfing we offer you yoga lessons in our junior surfcamp.


Once a week ther's the possibility to come with us to a close city and enjoy the nightlife there. In the evenings you could also hang out in our chill out area and get crazy with your mates.


Volleyball tournaments, Sunset surfing or a chill DVD-evening, are just a few things we can offer you in our camp. We'd also love to get your ideas and involve you in the planing of new activities..


Join one of our legendary surf contests, show us what you got and what you already learned. You'll also get the chance to win some prices here!!


Once a week you can also join one of our super fun tableslidecontest, the perfect slide experience in our summer camp.

Sunset or sunrise surfing

Due to conditions we offer you a sunset or sunrise surf once a week.

Junior Surfcamp Aktivitäten Spanien Junior Surfcamp Aktivitäten Spanien Junior Surfcamp Aktivitäten Spanien


If you want to have some action combined with a lot of fun, then come with us to play paintball.

Horseback riding

In our junior camp we can also offer you trips with horses, so we can go and explore the beaches and surroundings on horseback.

San Vincente

Besides the beautiful local flavoured city center of  Vicente de la Barqueras, you shouldn't miss a trip to the cathedrale of Santa María de los Ángeles.

Junior Surf camp Spanien Junior Surf camp Spanien Junior Surf camp Spanien

Our junior surfcamp spain should convice you because of our quality surf lessons and amazing entertainment programm!

Enjoy the Ride with Planet Surf!