Junior Surf Camp Spain Food

Junior Surf Camp Spain Food

Without energy the body is weak and you are no able to achieve high levels. That is why it is indispensable to eat very healthy and balanced, especially for sportsmen. In this way, your training is effective and you will make fast steps forward. Of course, surfing is not an exception.

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To give your body enough energy, we try to integrate the three energy deliveries to the meals: fat, carbohydrates and proteins.

Initially, the base is the carbohydrates which can be converted by the musculature very fast.

Fat is a nutrition which is also a constant energy source, if you have an exhausted body.

Proteins have a secondary importance by delivering the energy, but provide the body with amino acids which help for energy reserves if necessary and build up the musculature.

The Junior Surf Camp Food is based on these foundation-stones:

Breakfast: In the morning we offer a two hours long breakfast buffet with coffee, tea, juices, muesli, yoghurt, milk, baguette, jam, honey, salami, ham, cheese, a selection of lettuce and some fruits. In the food-tent, you sit together with the other camp members and empower yourself for the day. It is unimportant if you are an early riser or a late riser, here has everybody the chance to get a balanced breakfast. So you have enough power to surf.

Lunch: This is prepared by yourself, while/after having breakfast. For this, you can choose between all the delicious delights and the beverages are inclusive, too.

Dinner: Our camp-cook provides a varied, warm and tasty dinner, in the evening. Moreover, we take likely care about vegetarian and persons suffering from an allergy. We will try to be regardful and also prepare varied and fresh food for them. The salad to the meals provides enough vitamins, but if you are a person with a sweet tooth, we also offer a dessert. Once a week we would like you to help out by preparing the meals and to do the dishes, to make it a little bit faster.

Healthy food has not without a reason a high status in our society. Because of sport is going to be more and more important to us, also the nutrition does. That is why we try to integrate this way of lifestyle in our camps.