Junior Surfcamp Yoga

Yoga at our Junior Surfcamp Spain

Just like in any other of our surf camps, we also offer yoga lessons in addition to our surf lessons in our Junior Surfcamp Spain. Since yoga and surfing have many similarities with regard to physical and mental fitness, yoga is the perfect addition to surfing.

Yoga at our Junior Surfcamp SpainYoga group at the Junior Surfcamp SpainStretching during yogaYoga on the surfboardYoga lessons for all skill levels

Maybe you ask: And why would this be such a perfect addition to surfing? While doing yoga, you work on your breathing and core strength. This is exactly, as you might already know, what you need while surfing. Your breathing will help you not only under water but also to improve your endurance, while core stregth stabilizes your body and your balance and gives you more power for fast turns.

Yoga outdoors in SpainYoga on the beach in SpainYoga improves your surfing!The perfect spot for yoga lessonsPure relaxation during yoga lessons in Spain

But the benefits for your surfing are not the only reason you should participate in our yoga lessons - they are also just super nice and relaxing. Our yoga lessons always take place outdoors in the forest or on the beach overlooking the ocean. Join in!