Accommodation Fuerteventura

Accommodation Fuerteventura – Surf house, surf apartments and other types of accommodation

In our surf camp Fuerteventura we offer different opportunities for accommodation. We fully meet everybody’s requirements: for groups, single travelers, couples etc. Nevertheless they are not far away from each other so you can meet people from the camp for the lessons, party or go to a restaurant.

You can book the accommodation Fuerteventura you want, check out the pictures and see what you like the best.

Nevertheless the tendency is that single travelers or groups prefer the surf house while couples and families favor private apartments.

Our accommodations Fuerteventura are organized for self-sufficiency. This means you have to swing the wooden spoon by yourself or you nosh to your heart’s content in all the fantastic restaurants in Corralejo.


Accommodation Fuerteventura – Private Surf apartments

The surf apartments, Serenada, Las Conchas, Caleta Playa and Galera Beach are also in Corralejo and enchant with – depending on the surf apartment – with sea view. They are private, well-kept and offer enough room for you. They are equipped with a kitchen, bathroom and 1 or 2 bedrooms. The apartments are also central and at the same time close to the beach. You stay with 2, 3 or as you wish even with 4 people in one apartment.


Surf houseSerenadaLas ConchasCaleta PlayaGalera Beach

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Accommodation Fuerteventura – The SURF HOUSE

The Surf house is only 400 m away from the beach and central in Corralejo. From there you get very fast to surfspots, to the beach, bars or restaurants, clubs or useful things like supermarktes, ATMs or busses.

Surfapartment FuerteventuraOutdoor area FuerteventuraSurfhouse Fuerteventura Slackline FuerteventuraSurfhouse FuerteventuraSwimmingpool FuerteventuraSurfhouse Fuerteventura/

At the same time the Surf house is meeting point for all the people of the camp, no matter which accommodation you book. There you meet not only for the lessons to drive to the spots altogether but also to common cooking, hanging around, partying or for a big barbecue. There you will never get bored!

Surfhouse FuertventuraSurf guests Fuerteventura4-bed room FuerteventuraBedroomBed surfhouseBalconySurfhouse balcony

You stay together in a room with 4-8 people. You share the bathroom and the kitchen as well the day room. There is a TV on which you can watch the latest surf movie, a huge grill, a kicker and you have enough room just for relaxing.

SurfhouseFuerteventuraSurfhouse FuerteventuraSurfhouse FuerteventuraSurfhouse FuerteventuraSurfhouse Fuerteventura
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Accommodation Fuerteventura – Apartment SERENADA

If you book our accommodation „Serenada“ in Corralejo you are only 300 m away from the beach and 200m away from the center. It is a small and cozy apartment complex which also has a swimming pool.
In the kitchen you can cook your meals and in the supermarkets, which are very close, you can buy everything you want and need for your surftrip. Here you do not have to forgo something.
You can stay in twos, threes or fourths in one apartment. On the one hand you can enjoy more privacy than in the surf house on the other hand you are in the middle of the scene of the event when you leave the apartment.

Apartement SerenadaAppartement SerenadaApartement SerenadaAppartement SerenadaAppartement SerenadaAppartement SerenadaAppartement SerenadaAppartement SerenadaAppartement Serenada
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Accommodation Fuerteventura – Apartments LAS CONCHAS

The small and cozy apartment complex is only 150 m away from the beach and also not far from the center. All the different designed apartments are at the swimming pool, furthermore there is tennis court.
Las Conchas is next to our surf house so you do not have to walk long if you get to the surf lessons or if you want to visit the people in the surf house.
Supermarkets, restaurants and even a surfspot are very close – boredom? A round peg in a square hole!

La ConchaLa ConchaLa ConchaLa Concha
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Accommodation Fuerteventura – CALETA PLAYA apartment

These apartments are really close to beachonly 30 meters. They have bedrooms, bathrooms as well a kitchen, where you can show your culinary skills.
If you don’t feel like doing something after the lesson you can just relax at the pool or stroll around Corralejo, to take up a little bit of the Spanish flair – no matter if you eat some tapas or drink a “after work cerveza” :-)

Caleta PlayaCaleta PlayaCaleta PlayaCaleta PlayaCaleta PlayaCaleta Playa
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Accommodation Fuerteventura – GALERA BEACH

These apartments are also really close to the beach and have all sea view. The villas are for up to 6 people and convince with their privacy on the other hand. The charming created rooms count as our luxury accommodations which are not far from the surf house and also the surrounding beach bars are brownie-points of Galera Beach. The famous surfspot “Rocky Point” is only a few minutes by walking – the perfect surftrip.

Unterkunft Galera BeachGalera BeachGalera BeachGalera BeachGalera BeachGalera Beach