Yoga in Fuerteventura

Yoga in Fuerteventura - Surf yoga

Of course, we also offer yoga lessons twice a week at our surfcamp in Fuerteventura, because it is such a great addition to surfing.

During our yoga lessons, you can not only work on your flexibility and balance, but also relax after an exhausting surf session. You will realize very soon, how yoga will help you get better in surfing: attentive breathing helps you during wipe-outs and general fitness, while flexibility can perfect your turns and core strength gives you more stability for paddling and taking off. Also, yoga will improve your with your conscious breathing, which will not only help your endurance but also keep you from panicking when you wipe out and get stuck under water.

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At our Surf Camp in Fuerteventura, we offer yoga lessons by different instructors. The times vary due to the surf lessons, to ensure everyone who wants to join in gets the possibility. You don't need to bring anything, we hve matts right here at the surfhouse. If you would like to try it out, feel free to reserve online for just 8€ per session!

So, come jump into the water and on the yoga matt with us - we are looking forward to seeing you!