Yoga in Fuerteventura

Yoga in Fuerteventura – Surf yoga

Our yoga instructor Ania is an absolvent of the Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw and Reebok University, where she graduated from Yoga Flexible Strength.

Yoga is her passion just next to surfing. That’s why her classes are based on Hatha yoga asanas that will help you to improve your surf skills, flexibility and body strength.

Hatha yoga at the beach

Postures and breathing of Hatha yoga practices bring about balance between Ha (sun) and Tha (moon) energie so that blockages are removed and Prana, the life force is able to flow everywhere free.

Yoga FuerteventuraYoga Lehrerin FuerteventuraYogaunterricht FuerteventuraMeditation und Yoga Fuerteventura

Ania just came back from Goa, India where she practiced Hatha yoga in the Himalayan Iyengar Yoga center.
She believes that surfing is very close to the practice of yoga, where the body is used as a tool to modify consciousness and to still the mind of disturbances.

After practicing yoga with Ania you will feel more free and aware of your own body. The classes will bring positive energy to your day, the yoga practice will relax your body and free your mind.

With all this new positive energy learning how to surf will be an even more amazing experience.