Surf Rental Fuerteventura

Surf Rental Fuerteventura - equipment for you

In all our camps we offer the surf equipment for rent – no matter if our high quality wetsuits or our surfboards. We have softboards and hardboards in almost every sizes and shapes. Our surf coachs would like to help you to choose the right board for you, because there are different boards depending your weight, size and level in our surf rental Fuerteventura.


  • Malibus: these boards are 9 feet long and are mainly used from beginners and intermediates. It is easier to surf a wave with these boards as well as hold the balance.
  • Funboards: are a little bit thicker and bigger and are suitable for beginners and intermediates; it is easy to paddle with them and they forgive mistakes more than a minimalibu or a shortboard.

Generally one can say that shortboards are more suitable for intermediate or advanced surfers because it has less buoyancy and with that it is more difficult to hold the balance. Furthermore you need more power to paddle.

But shortboards are not all the same. There are different shapes, which have different qualities. We have for you in our surf rental Fuerteventura:

  • Minimalibus: they are similar to longboards but there are a little bit shorter and with that maneuverable.
  • Shortboards: they are 6-7 feet long and are mainly used from intermediate/advanced surfers.
  • Fish: these are shorter again and are used when there is a wind which has the direction to the beach.

Rent a surfboard for just 10€ a day or 50€ for a whole week!

For all the people who do not know the differences between the boards and have never heard of all the different terms we have a short introduction about the most important facts:

First of all every board is made of a certain material “hard foam”, in which there are different coatings like polyester or epoxy saturated fiberglass material.

Most of the boards have a corn, which is filled with helium with that the boards are lighter and have more buoyancy. Very rare boards are produced by balsa that have a corn out of polystyrene and with that they are again lighter.

The so-called “stringer” is a thin plywood stick, which is build into the board lengthways and with that it guarantees stability. Furthermore it balances the load balances with that it hinders that the board breaks.

Different sorts of wax give you stability on the board and prevent you from slipping from the board.

These basics can be very helpful if you want to understand what happens to you and to your board in the water. But our surfteachers are also available for every question to the surf rental Fuerteventura as well as to the different boards.

DaysSurf Course *Surf HouseSurf Rental
140 €15 € die Nacht15 €
280 €-25 €
3115 €-35 €
4155 €-45 €
5190 €-55 €
6230 €-65 €
7270 €-70 €
8305 €-80 €
9335 €-90 €
10350 €-100 €
11--105 €
12--110 €
13--115 €
14--120 €

Prices are all "per person"

* Surf courses are from Monday to Saturday