Activities Ericeira

Activities in Ericeira

If you have plenty of energy left after your day of surfing, there are numerous fun activities in Ericeira that you can take part in. You definitely won’t regret taking a stroll through the winding alleys of Ericeira’s historical center with its numerous ancients chapels and the famous church Igreja Paroquial de São Pedro in which you can see Azulejos, which are typical Portugese ceramic tiles from the 17th century. Since Ericeira is an old fishing village one of its highlights is the local cuisine with its delicious traditional seafood dishes. You definitely have to try the “peixe fresco grelhado” (fresh grilled fish) as well as the “marisco” (shellfish). A local specialty is the “lagosta” (crayfish), which are bred in breeding tanks in Ericeira.

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Sintra is an UNESCO world heritage and is only a 40 minute drive from the camp. The city and the surrounding area is full of history and like a trip to the past, offering great possibilities for sightseeing and routes for hikes. Lisbon, Portugal’s capital, is close by, too, making it a great destination for a day trip. You can take a bus from Ericeira to Lisbon and back, which only takes about 45 minutes each way.
The Palácio Nacional de Mafra is the national palace of Mafra and is only a 15 minute drive from the camp. It is the largest castle and monastery complex in Portugal, which is why you should definitely pay it a visit.
The Tapada Nacional de Mafra is a unique and beautiful nature area which spreads across 800 hectars. It was made for the monarch and his court and now belongs to the national cultural heritage. It has a very diverse flora which is home to a number of different game, for example red deer, boars, fallow deer, foxes and various birds of prey. This area is perfect for hikes, horse rides and taking out the mountain bike for a cruise.

Additionally to this extensive cultural program you can take part in various other activities at our camp in Ericeira, for example daily yoga sessions, bodyboarding and diving classes, wine tastings, city trips to Lisbon or Nazaré and many more!