Yoga Ericeira

Yoga at the surf camp Ericeira

Surfing is all about balance and harmony between humans and nature. When you're on the surfboard you feel like you are part of the ocean and water, trying to find the perfect balance. A lot of surfers have therefore realized the importance of taking care not only of their bodies but their minds as well in order to better develop a sense for the elements of nature. This can be achieved by way of training on the board as well as on land. Regarding the latter, a thorough yoga workout is the best way to go

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Yoga lesson PortugalBeach Yoga Portugal

As we are also aware of the huge benefits of yoga, we offer daily yoga lessons at our surf camp in Ericeira. For yoga to have its desired effect it is important that you can relax and feel safe during the lessons, which is why we have a lovely and experienced professional yoga teacher, Lis, at the surf villa. She has been practicing yoga for almost a decade and has taught yoga in various surf camps around the world, amongst others in South Africa, France and Portugal. Thus, it are not only beginners but advanced yogis as well who can greatly benefit from her lessons. Aside from her passion for yoga she shares our love for surfing as well, which is why she knows all about the benefits of yoga for surfing and includes these in her lessons. We therefore offer yoga especially suited for surfers as well as Hatha & Yin Yoga.

Depending on the package that you choose, it might already include yoga lessons. Of course you can book them on-site as well for 20 € per session.