How to get there Ericeira

How to get to the surf camp Ericeira


Aldeamento Moinhos do Mar, Rua 1, Casa 3

2655-210 Ericeira



You have various ways of getting to our surf camp in Ericeira.

By carBy trainBy busBy airplaneBy carpool

By car

Our surf camp is directly in Ericeira and only about a 40 minute drive from the airport in Lisbon.

This route planner can surely help you get to our surf camp more easily.

By train

Since Portugal is located on the very edge of Europe, numerous countries have to be crossed to get there in many cases. Thus, you might want to consider traveling via Interrail if you wish to go by train. In Portugal there are Intercity trains, regional trains, “Urbanos” and the Portugese highspeed trains Celta and Alfa Pendular. Our surf camp is not far from the central station in Lisbon, from where you can take a bus to Ericeira.

By bus

The main bus company in Portugal is Rede Nacional de Expressos. The busses operate throughout the whole country, making it easy to find the right bus connection. In most cases the busses head to Lisbon from where you can take a public bus to the surf camp.

By airplane

Numerous national airlines as well as many budget airlines fly to the airport in Lisbon. We recommend you to check Skyscanner or the website of Lisbon’s airport for cheap flights. The area around the surf camp is well-connected to the public bus network, making it very easy to get to us from Lisbon using public transportation. Simply take the Metro to Campo Grande, where you can catch a bus to Ericeira for only 12 €.

For more information check the time tables and the website of Transportes Sul do Tejo. You can buy the tickets either from the driver or use the cheaper alternative, the Viva Viagem card (a rechargeable card for public transportation).

Another alternative is to book a shuttle, which costs 70 € and fits up to 4 persons. Should you arrive at night (between 12am and 6am) we have to charge 30 € extra. Its best if you let us know beforehand how much luggage you will bring so we can ensure that there is sufficient room for everyone.

Lastly, it is possible to fly to Faro or Porto and take an InterCity train to Lisbon from there. This trip takes around 3 hours and costs at least 13.50 € (check if you might get a discount).

By carpool

To find a carpool, check the following pages: