Surf Lessons Ericeira

Surf Lessons Ericeira

We were born and raised in Portugal and have been surfing all our lives – we would love to show you and others the beauty of this sport and the lifestyle that goes along with it, which is why we built our surf camp in 2016. It is extremely important to us that you, on the one hand, have an unforgettable experience during your stay with us and, on the other hand, you understand and feel for yourself why we would prefer to spend more time on our boards in the water than on land. In order to create the perfect conditions for you to do so, we define three categories of surf level, one of which you will be assigned to: beginner, intermediate or advanced. Even though we believe that most of you might be able to correctly assess your skill level on your own, your surf instructor will determine your surf level in the first lesson, just to ensure that you can make as much progress as possible.

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Beginner's course

The beginner’s course is best for you if you have never tried or had anything to do with surfing. You will first learn a few theoretical fundamentals about surf boards, wet suits, how waves are created and the most important rules of surfing in the water to keep yourself and your fellow surfers happy and safe. In the practical part of the lessons your surf instructor will teach you how to correctly lie on the board, how to paddle and how to do the take-off in whitewater waves.

Intermediate course

The intermediate course builds on the foundations that one learns in the beginner’s course. So, after learning how to successfully surf the whitewater, it is now time to tackle the unbroken, green waves. Aside from further theoretical aspects like for example priority rules in the line-up, you will learn how to paddle into and take off on unbroken waves.

Advanced course

The advanced course is right for you if you only wish to improve and fine tune your already solid surf skills. Besides theory about the ocean, waves as well as surf equipment, one of our experienced surf instructors will not only teach you how to do or improve bottom and top turns but also how to do the perfect cutback, floater or even get spit out of a barrel.

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Depending on the conditions one surf class can go from 90 to 120 minutes. You can find further information about the various packages you can choose from on the page Surf camp Ericeira prices.