Let There Be Tents

‘Let There Be Tents!’ And There Were Tents    After three and a half exhausting weeks of blood and sweat during the build-up of our camps in France, we are stoked to announce that summer 2018 has officially begun in all three camps!  The season was inaugurated, as always, by our camp in Moliets […]

Abhängen und Jammen im Surfcamp

5 Things You’ll Miss About Surf Camp

1. Surfing Every Day If you don’t belong to the lucky group of people who live near the ocean, and you instead live somewhere landlocked and don’t have the opportunity to just grab your board and jump into the waves as you wish, then surfing for you is limited to just a few surf […]

Summer Holidays on a Surfboard in Our Junior Surfcamps

Are you between 14 and 17 years old, love surfing or always wanted to try it, but don’t want to go on holiday with your parents? Would  you rather travel alone or just with your friends? Then our Junior Surf Camps are perfect for you! At our junior surf camps you’ll get all you […]

Surfclass in Junior Surfcamp

5 Types of Guests You Always Find at Surf Camp

Surf camps are known for their unique atmosphere, and as a place where relaxed young people go to surf together and enjoy the occasional wild beach party! From years of camp experience, we can tell you a thing or two about surf camp guests! In fact, we reckon there are some types of guests […]

How to Not Be A Dickhead in The Water

Whether you’re new to surfing or just wondering why you’re getting angry looks in the water, this guide is for you. It’s our guide on surf etiquette. You know, the ‘rules’ of the water. The unwritten code (which is actually written?!). The laws of the surf. Or, How to Not Be A Dickhead, as […]